Vanessa Z vs Samantha


Suggested by Sonic Samantha is a pretty tricky horror character to deal with. She may even have some decent magic spells at her disposal although of course they won’t be of much use against Vanessa Z. Vanessa Z has a large array of guns and other skills at her disposal. She is also quite athletic and can easily keep the distance between herself and Samantha for as long as needed. Either way Samantha doesn’t have much durability so she can’t hope to win this round. Vanessa Z wins.

Mr Freeze vs Vanessa Z

Mr Freeze has his handy Freeze gun, but I think Vanessa Z has this. She has many suits that come with heightened defense systems and she can spam her various beam attacks. Not to mention that Vanessa Z is more athletic than Mr Freeze and should be able to dodge his ice attacks easy enough. Vanessa Z wins.

Vanessa Z vs Samus

Vanessa Z is back after a long break since her last fight. Like Samus she has a gun and is pretty athletic. Of course Samus has her Power Suit and with it she’s much stronger and faster than Vanessa Z. Vanessa Z just can’t win this round, but at least she tried. One day she may be back. Samus wins.