Vanessa Z vs Samantha


Suggested by Sonic Samantha is a pretty tricky horror character to deal with. She may even have some decent magic spells at her disposal although of course they won’t be of much use against Vanessa Z. Vanessa Z has a large array of guns and other skills at her disposal. She is also quite athletic and can easily keep the distance between herself and Samantha for as long as needed. Either way Samantha doesn’t have much durability so she can’t hope to win this round. Vanessa Z wins.

Samantha vs Dr Doofenshmirtz

24Phineas y Ferb -Episodio 24- La Balada de Barba Fea (Español Latino)
Dr Doofenshmirtz is a pretty smart guy and he’s always ready to take down his opponents! Of course Samantha has some guns at her disposal and she knows how to fight. Dr Doofenshmirtz won’t be able to win this round, but one of these days he may be back for an epic win. Samantha wins.

Samantha vs Deadpool

Samantha is back, but now she’s up against Deadpool! Deadpool is a pretty intense fighter and defeating him is a pretty tough feat! Samantha won’t be able to stop him in this round. His healing abilities are too intense and his sword skills are extremely good! Deadpool wins.

Samantha vs Link

Samantha makes her blog debut! She’s pretty tough at times, but I don’t think that she will be able to beat Link. He’s pretty skilled with a sword and he has many items at his disposal that will help him. Samantha may have lost this battle, but she’ll be back. Link wins.