Guyver vs Deadpool

Suggested by Anonymous Deadpool is no pushover. I just wanted to get that out of the way to start things off. He’s obtained many power ups over the years. Enough that even the strongest of fighters know to give him respect. Still, Guyver can blast him into oblivion. That’s how much firepower Guyver has. He wins this match in terms of attack power and speed so why should he be scared? Guyver wins.


Saitama vs Deadpool

Suggested by Random A common misconception of healing regeneration plus immortality is that people claim these fighters can never be truly defeated as they can’t die. Well, every character can eventually succumb to oblivion as long as the attacks are strong enough and that’s what will happen to Deadpool here. Honestly, I think a single punch should be enough to win the round. Deadpool’s not exactly much of a fighter compared to the bald hero and no amount of healing will save him from this incredible power. Saitama wins.

Eren Jaeger vs Deadpool

This can be a pretty tricky match since neither one of these fighters is extremely powerful. Both of them have regenerative abilities, but Deadpool has a pretty big advantage in close combat. Eren’s Titan Mode is really his only chance and will it be enough to defeat Deadpool? It’ll be close, but for now I’ll say that Eren has the slight edge…for now! Eren Jaeger wins.

Original image by Azure-Samurai can be found at the link below.

Agent Bob vs Deadpool

You may not have heard of Agent Bob, but he’s met Deadpool in the past. They’ve teamed up several times and Agent Bob is not someone who should be taken lightly. That being said, Deadpool has the clear advantage in this battle. Deadpool is an expert hand to hand fighter and his unpredictability will prove to be deadly for Agent Bob. Agent Bob won’t be able to read his movements. Deadpool wins.

Ironman vs Deadpool

Deadpool has a pretty good healing factor and he’s a tough guy, but it won’t be enough to stop Ironman. Ironman has his anime armor and one good punch should be enough to take a lot of the fight from Deadpool. Deadpool won’t be able to keep up with Ironman and drops down the ranks with this loss. At least he can make some good puns while losing. Ironman wins.

Maverick vs Deadpool

Maverick is pretty good with a gun and he definitely has some experience with battling other gunmen, but it won’t be enough to stop Deadpool. Deadpool has a healing factor and he’s also pretty quick. His striking power is deadly and he also has some pretty good close combat skills. Maverick won’t be winning this round. Deadpool wins.

Mr Mxyzptlk vs Deadpool

Mr Mxyzptlk is back, but he won’t be able to stop Deadpool! Deadpool has his healing factor and his guns at the ready. Mr Mxyzptlk will have a hard time trying to deal with all of that. He definitely likes making tricks, but Deadpool always manages to get the last laugh. Deadpool wins.

Update! As of 07/11/2016 It has been pointed out that Mr. Mxyzptlk aqctually has had some decent moments and feats in the comics with serious firepower. I don’t think Deadpool will be able to keep up with this guy. Mr. Mxyzptlk wins.

Doctor Bong vs Deadpool

deadpool #28
Doctor Bong makes his debut match on the blog, but he won’t be able to defeat Deadpool. Deadpool’s quick and his hand to hand skills are pretty intense. Give him a katana and you’ll be out of the fight before you know it. Doctor Bong may have a cool design, but he can’t win. Deadpool wins.

Mr Immortal vs Deadpool

Mr Immortal is back, but he’s no match for Deadpool. Deadpool knows advanced sword play and hand to hand combat. Mr Immortal may be good at staying alive, but he won’t be able to defeat Deadpool. Deadpool has a healing factor of his own which helps his case. Deadpool wins.

Samantha vs Deadpool

Samantha is back, but now she’s up against Deadpool! Deadpool is a pretty intense fighter and defeating him is a pretty tough feat! Samantha won’t be able to stop him in this round. His healing abilities are too intense and his sword skills are extremely good! Deadpool wins.