Hellboy vs Captain Planet

Suggested by Sonic Hellboy is reasonably tough. Think of him sort of Luke Cage level as he’s got superhuman strength and speed. His speed in particular is pretty solid and edges into super territory. (As opposed to superhuman) That being said, Captain Planet completely outranks him in all categories. He can fly extremely fast and is basically a budget Superman. Hellboy will have a hard time damaging him although he could probably use one of Planet’s many weaknesses against him. So long as the Captain ends the fight quickly it shouldn’t be an issue though. Captain Planet wins.


Hellboy vs Bly

This is a tribute to Hellboy. Hellboy has his famous right hook, but that won’t be enough to stop someone as strong as Bly. Bly just needs one swing of the ole sword and this fight is as good as over. Hellboy drops down the ranks with this loss, but in the end he put up an admirable fight. Bly wins.

Kurse vs Hellboy

Hellboy is back and he’s up against Kurse in this round! Well, Kurse has proven to be even stronger than Thor at some points which is pretty impressive! Still, taking on Hellboy may be tough with Hellboy’s super strength and all. In the end it won’t be enough. Kurse wins.

Hellboy vs Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees is back to fight Hellboy. Hellboy has a pretty big gun that can do some massive damage. Jason Voorhees may be tough to destroy, but this time he’s met his match. Hellboy’s also pretty strong and possesses a healing factor. With these abilities taking him down is a pretty tough feat. Hellboy wins.

Hellboy vs Doomsday

Doomsday has enough super strength to take down many fighters in an instant. Hellboy may be powerful, but one full on punch from Doomsday and he’s dead. Doomsday was even able to fight the legendary Superman at one point! That’s something to think about. Hellboy may be back, but he came back for a loss. Doomsday wins.