Dean Winchester vs Hellboy

Suggested by Anonymous Dean’s match with Hellboy goes pretty similarly to how the Sam battle went. Hellboy’s got enough durability to tank Dean’s hits and then land some of his own. Dean can heal injuries to an extent so he can drag this out but ultimately you won’t beat Hellboy that way. His stats are high enough where he can keep Dean on the defensive the whole time and the hits will wear him down. Dean will eventually concede defeat and just needs a little something extra if he wants to beat a high ranking demon like Hellboy. Hellboy wins.

Dean Winchester vs Bass

Dean Winchester returns, but he still doesn’t stand a chance against the matchless power of Bass. Bass is the strongest being in all of media and all he would need is a single good shot to take Dean down for the count. Dean can’t keep up with Bass’ speed and he certainly can’t put up any kind of defense against Bass’ Earthbreakers. Bass wins.

Sam Winchester vs Dean Winchester

Pac-Man Fever
It’s time for a double debut! Both of these characters are major players in the Supernatural series. They’ve both displayed a range of super powers, but it’s safe to say that Dean has a considerable edge over Sam. Dean’s abilities were really amped up when he became a knight and he has just about every useful ability. Telekinesis, Super Strength, Super Speed, Power over Earth, and a number of others. Sam has some limited telekinesis and a few of the other abilities, but his pre cog edge won’t really help here. Dean’s raw power is just on another level and Sam’s going to need a big boost of his own if he wants to win here. Dean Winchester wins.