Longshot vs Shocker

Suggested by Sonic Longshot has a lot of good luck and some decent speed as well but that just won’t be enough against the Shocker. The Shocker doesn’t have much in the way of super abilities but his gauntlets continue to grow more and more powerful as the years go on. A single shot would take Longshot out and it’s hard to avoid an attack with such impressive range. That’s why I have to count Longshot out here, ultimately he will be tagged and defeated. Shocker wins.

Hellboy vs Shocker

Suggested by Anonymous Shocker has always been one of the most underrated Spiderman villains of all time. The guy has a great costume and a pretty versatile ability. Despite all of this he is typically treated as more of a D rank villain. I dunno, the guy needs some more hype. That said, he still won’t be able to beat Hellboy. I don’t think his cannons would do a whole lot of damage except perhaps at their maximum setting which typically damages Shocker in the feedback. Hellboy’s fast enough where he won’t just take this and so I expect him to quickly go on the offensive and end this. Shocker would need a good power up to keep up here. Hellboy wins.

Shocker vs Venom

Shocker is back, but things could get dicey for him since he’s fighting Venom! Venom has taken on guys much stronger than Shocker in the past and will continue to pwn. Shocker drops down the blog ranks with this loss, but you can’t keep a good fighter down right? Maybe Shocker will be back! Venom wins.

Shocker vs Angela

Shocker is back to get his first win. Angela may have met Gohan, The Legendary Super Saiyan, but that won’t be enough to win this fight. Shocker has fought with the likes of Spiderman and his power is not to be underestimated. Angela takes a loss in this match, but may come back someday. Shocker wins.

Spiderman vs Shocker

Spiderman is back and this time he’s taking down The Shocker. The Shocker may be an iconic villain, but he lacks intense power. Spiderman has the Symbiote Suit and with it he’s much too fast and powerful for the Shocker. The Shocker loses yet again, but he’ll be back for a win one of these days. When that day comes we’ll all know what true power is. In the comics he’ll also be back to fight Spiderman. Of course Spiderman will win again. Spiderman wins.