Longshot vs Waluigi

Suggested by Destroyer Waluigi has returned to the ring but he’s not going to be able to take someone like Longshot down. Longshot may not be the strongest X-men character around but he can fight when needed that’s for sure. He has a sword as well as a gun and luck is always on his side. When you put that into perspective it begins to be a lost cause for Waluigi. His sport skills aren’t going to be nearly enough to save him here. I’d say that he needs to get lucky but I don’t think that’ll work either. Longshot wins.

James Bond vs Longshot

Suggested by Destroyer James Bond has returned and now he is up against good ole Longshot. Longshot is hardly one of the most impressive X-men fighters. In fact, I would go as far as to say that he is one of the least impressive ones. The guy just isn’t ready for most fighters but he does have slight superhuman speed and strength thanks to a lifetime of combat. I wouldn’t put any stock in his luck abilities but he will win in a gunfight or hand to hand here. Longshot wins.