Carnage vs Slade

Suggested by Destroyer Slade is a skilled fighter who has a degree of super strength and even obtained some fire abilities at one point. It’ll still be very difficult for him to do anything against Carnage though. Carnage has mastered his symbiote abilities to a degree that even Venom struggles with. He can create any weapon and use it masterfully, that will quickly overwhelm Slade. Carnage wins.

Atton Rand vs Slade

Suggested by iKnowledge Atton Rand is a pretty skilled guy. Despite not really being much of a Jedi he self taught his mind to resist the force and also seems to have some healing abilities. He did obtain a Lightsaber and had some mild Force abilities, but those won’t be enough to defeat Slade. Slade is quick and his hits strike like a tank. Atton will quickly be overwhelmed by the devastating nature of these hits and when you throw in Slade’s fire abilities courtesy of Trigon, it will prove to be too much for him. Slade wins.

Yamcha vs Slade

Suggested by iKnowledge Yamcha is back and now it’s time for him to teach Slade a thing or two. Slade’s a good fighter and a quick learner so he will quickly realize that he is outmatched here. Yamcha is so strong that he was even able to go up against a Saibaman. It may not have ended all that well for him, but the important thing is that he is always improving. I wouldn’t be surprised if this match ends in an instant. Yamcha wins.

Yamcha vs Ulik

Suggested by iKnowledge Ulik is a pretty powerful guy. His hits would even shatter a mountain if given the chance. However, Ulik is up against a casual planet buster in the form of Yamcha. Yamcha’s Wolf Fist is also very fast and one hit would instantly destroy Ulik. When you’re up against an opponent who is both faster and stronger than you there really aren’t a whole lot of options at your disposal. I’m afraid that Ulik will not be able to find his way out of this situation and will quickly be defeated. Yamcha wins.

Joker vs Slade
Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these guys are some of Batman’s most dangerous enemies. While Joker did best Deathstroke in the only time that they’ve fought (To my knowledge) Deathstroke wasn’t exactly prepared for that battle. In his Trigon form, Slade has amped up strength and some mild healing regeneration. Coupled with his own formidable skills I believe that will be enough to take Joker down. Joker’s good, but he simply isn’t good enough. Slade wins.

Beatrix Kiddo vs Slade

Suggested by IKnowledge Beatrix Kiddo is an experienced martial artist who is quite proficient with a blade. She is a solid all around warrior who should be able to give Slade a decent match. That being said, Deathstroke is above a normal human physically thanks to his super human serum. Even without that, I’m inclined to say that he has superior hand to hand expertise. He was able to match up against Batman quite well. While Beatrix Kiddo did learn well, she just won’t be able to compete with this in the end and will have to take the loss. Slade wins.

The Inquisitor vs Slade

I could call him The Grand Inquisitor I suppose, but he has to prove that he’s grand first! It was a close match and I was swinging on both sides of the fence for quite a while, but in the end I’m going to have to give this round to Deathstroke. Even when you discount the immense plot hax, Deathstroke has beaten the Justice League before. His physical strength and speed are very impressive, not to mention the fact that he obtained fire abilities and immortality in the Teen Titans show. He can hold his own in close quarters combat and his strength will help him resist The Inquisitor’s TK abilities. Slade wins.

Promethean Knight vs Slade

The Promethean Knight is a pretty tough opponent and he has some strong weapons at his disposal. Slade is an expert at hand to hand combat and he knows his way around a weapon as well, but I think that he won’t be able to win this round. Promethean Knight’s barrier will protect him long enough for his attacks to get through. Promethean Knight wins.

Master of Games vs Slade

This is definitely a pretty close battle. Slade’s much quicker than the Master of Games and his sword skills will definitely be his biggest edge. The Master of Games can fire off blasts of fire and water, not to mention that he can also shoot sonic blasts. The Master of Games is also a very experienced hand to hand combatant, but he definitely won’t be taking Slade down that way. Slade got some fire abilities from Trigon that will help him close the gap. I think that Slade will be able to manage a win in this round. Slade wins.

Master Chief vs Slade

Master Chief has a lot of guns at his disposal, but Slade has dodged such equipment in the past. His martial art skills easily surpass Master Chief’s and he also obtained fire abilities from Trigon. I don’t think that Master Chief will be able to keep up with such a powerful fighter. Slade wins.