Joker vs Slade
Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these guys are some of Batman’s most dangerous enemies. While Joker did best Deathstroke in the only time that they’ve fought (To my knowledge) Deathstroke wasn’t exactly prepared for that battle. In his Trigon form, Slade has amped up strength and some mild healing regeneration. Coupled with his own formidable skills I believe that will be enough to take Joker down. Joker’s good, but he simply isn’t good enough. Slade wins.

11 thoughts on “Joker vs Slade

  1. I don’t mind this battle, But I believe it was this: Yamcha (DBZ) vs Taskmaster (Marvel Comics), Ulik the Troll (Marvel) and Deathstroke/Slade (DC Comics). So it was Yamcha up against those characters, and not the Joker.

    • Oh, I’m thinking I probably read the comma as a period. I’ll add those two to the list. The other battles I currently have from you are

      Lady Shiva (DC Comics), and Bloom (Winx Club) vs. Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers).
      Arale vs Freddie Freeman (Shazam Jr)
      Garnet Alexandros VIII (FF) vs Donna Troy

  2. In reference to this: “Okay, I’ll add that fight to the vault then. Is that in addition to the other Lady Shiva fights or was that supposed to be instead of?”, that would be in addition to the other Lady Shiva fights.

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