Mike Haggar vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge The Joker is a very tricky fighter. While he would likely not be able to do much against Mike Haggar in close quarters combat, the Joker never lets things play out that way if he can help it. Joker has enough gadgets and gizmos at his disposal to be constantly keeping Mike guessing. At no point with Haggar have enough time to do much of anything here. He’ll be trying to dodge acid blasts, guns, and everything you can think of so the Joker will have nullified his advantage. Joker wins.

Joker vs Flash (Barry)

This is a tribute to the Joker film. Joker got to have his tragic backstory this time around but mostly spent the film getting beaten around by society. He won’t be able to land a hit on someone as fast as the Flash though, I can tell you that much. The Flash is so fast that he can travel the world before the Joker can even throw a punch. There’s just no way to fight that kind of speed. Flash (Barry) wins.

Blaze Fielding vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge Blaze is a solid fighter. She can even shoot quick energy blast out like Chun Li which is always handy. That being said, it won’t be quite enough to take the Joker out. He’s pretty good in hand to hand as well in some continuities and also got vampire enhanced abilities when he became the King in one comic. Blaze is strong but she’s just not going to be taking Joker out of this fight. He’s also got a lot of crazy gadgets at the ready to keep her off balance the whole time. Joker wins.

Jonathan Teatime vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time to look at a battle of crazy fighters. Joker has a ton of gadgets at his disposal and has been around for ages. Despite that he surprisingly hasn’t gotten many big powers ups. He’s got Emperor Joker I suppose. Meanwhile Jonathan’s pretty good at hitting only what he wants to hit. It’s an interesting power but one he won’t need to use much here since he’s just gunning to win. His speed isn’t bad and it’s his best chance at victory here, but ultimately I don’t believe his stats are quite good enough to win. Joker just has too many gizmos on his side to slow Jonathan down and allow him to claim victory. Joker wins.

Revy vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge Joker is a skilled villain who surprisingly hasn’t gotten many power ups over the years, but he is consistently deadly. What makes Joker so tough to deal with is his seemingly endless array of gadgets and tricks. He is never running on empty. Revy is quick and precise with her shots so there is a reasonable chance that she could tag Joker. That being said, I don’t believe she will be able to stop the Crown Prince of Crime. She would need a little more speed and strength to overcome him. Joker wins.

Joker vs Rock

Suggested by iKnowledge Rock isn’t particularly good with guns and other weapons. He’s reasonably strong to be sure, but that’s not quite good enough to deal with the Joker. Joker is Batman’s most dangerous adversary so he’s definitely not someone that you can take lightly. He’ll quickly take the edge in this fight and also does know some good hand to hand combat abilities. Rock would need some real steel to win this battle. Joker wins.

Joker vs Dutch

Suggested by iKnowledge Dutch is a pretty tough guy and certainly a dangerous marksman with a gun. That being said, he’s not quite ready to handle Joker. Sure, he would possibly have the edge in a 1 on 1 gunfight with standard weapons, but that’s not enough to overcome the Joker. Joker has a lot of fancy gadgets at his disposal like his explosive marbles and acid blasters. Dutch will quickly be overwhelmed here and can’t deal with Joker’s unpredictable nature. Joker wins.

Jack Reacher vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge Jack Reacher is an exceptional field agent, but at the end of the day he’s basically just a normal guy. There isn’t much that he can do against a foe as formidable as the Joker. Joker has his own array of guns and even some good hand to hand experience over the years. Throw in his array of crazy gadgets and he’ll manage to stay on step ahead of Jack during their entire fight. That’s check mate. Joker wins.

Joker vs Slade

Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these guys are some of Batman’s most dangerous enemies. While Joker did best Deathstroke in the only time that they’ve fought (To my knowledge) Deathstroke wasn’t exactly prepared for that battle. In his Trigon form, Slade has amped up strength and some mild healing regeneration. Coupled with his own formidable skills I believe that will be enough to take Joker down. Joker’s good, but he simply isn’t good enough. Slade wins.

Joker vs Ulik

Suggested by iKnowledge The Joker is a very cunning villain. He’s also been shown to be quite proficient in hand to hand combat at times. It won’t do much against a foe as powerful as Ulik the Troll though. Ulik can take hits from someone like Thor, there isn’t really anything Joker can do that will hurt him. One swing of his fists and Ulik will have Joker down for the count. I’m afraid that the Crown Prince of Crime will have to retire here. Ulik wins.