Joker vs Spock

Suggested by iKnowledge Joker returns to fight Spock. Spock has some decent super strength at his disposal along with his energy blaster. It won’t be sent to stun in this round so that helps him a great deal. A single blast would deal a lot of damage and he also has heightened physical abilities which will help him deal damage and dodge counter blows. I think this combo will be too much for the Joker. Spock wins.


Elisa Maza vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge The Joker is another Batman villain who will have to contend with Elisa. The real question is, will he fare any better than Two Face? Joker also hasn’t had many power ups but we have seen him in action a lot more. He got Emperor Joker mode which doesn’t help much but is worth noting. He has a lot of experience and a great array of weapons at his disposal. Elisa has wings and a gun but this time they will not be enough. I think Joker would be able to pull out the win. Joker wins.

Uncle Fester vs Joker


Suggested by Jimmy Uncle Fester has some fairly powerful abilities. He can generate electricity and even manipulate metal objects to an extent. He’s certainly not your average human, but then again..neither is the Joker. Joker has been dealing with supernatural threats for a long time and he certainly won’t be intimidated by this Uncle. Joker’s array of gadgets and hand to hand expertise will enable him to still take the win rather easily. There hasn’t been the villain yet who could stand against his explosives and gun skills. Joker wins.

Dominic Toretto vs Joker


Suggested by Iknowledge Dominic Toretto is a pretty skilled hand to hand fighter. I also can’t stress enough just how good his driving skills are. Even the joker would have to respect his abilities. Joker has a lot of good gadgets though and they will really come in handy here. In a pure hand to hand fight it is actually conceivable that Don would come out in too. Fortunately, Joker has been around for over 70 years so he knows the score at this point. He has enough equipment to outmaneuver Dominic. Joker wins.

Elliot Stabler vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge Stabler is good at solving crimes and putting criminals behind bars, but he isn’t ready to handle a foe as tough as the Joker. Joker has an array of gadgets at the ready and his hand to hand skills aren’t bad either. Stabler just needs a few good bullets to slow the Joker down, but he just isn’t prepared enough to win this round. He can’t outmaneuver the Joker’s array of tricks. Joker wins.

Ellie vs Joker


Suggested by IKnowledge Ellie may be good at surviving but she isn’t ready to take on someone like the Joker just yet. While neither one of them have received any exceptional power ups at the moment, the Joker has more fighting experience and a lot of gadgets as well. He can use his zap discs and his acid flowers. On the flip side, Ellie does have blunt objects that she can use as well which are just as deadly in a fight. Still, Jokers got this round. One good power up could change things though. Joker wins.

Akiza vs Joker


Suggested by IKnowledge Akiza has a good array of monsters on her side. Quite a few of them are very dangerous like her iconic dragon. Joker is a pretty decent fighter as he’s gone hand to hand against Batman at times. That being said, it’s certainly not enough to beat a dragon and Akiza also possessed telekinetic abilities of her own. That’ll make it very difficult for Joker to approach her at all and he’ll really be kept on the defensive. He just doesn’t have any way to approach her and his attacks won’t get through her bodyguards anyway. Akiza wins.

Joker vs Pikachu

Suggested by Anon The Joker is one of the most popular villains in all of comics. Surprisingly this hasn’t led to a whole lot of power ups, but I guess most people like him for his wit and cunning as opposed to raw power. This means that he won’t stand a chance against good ole Pikachu. Pikachu has incredible super speed and the power within his thunder attacks is legendary. Joker will be lucky to survive even a few hits from this creature. Pikachu is simply out of his league. Pikachu wins.

Cell vs Joker

Suggested by Anonymous Cell is one of the stronger DBZ villains and he was the first one who could actually blow up an entire solar system. That sentence is all that you need to know in order to pick who will win this fight. Joker couldn’t survive the planet getting blown up, much less an entire solar system. He is completely outmatched and outgunned here so the fight will be over in an instant. Cell wins.

Jean Grey vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge Jean Grey is a very skilled telepath whose experience with the Phoenix also gave her some real combat abilities. While she probably couldn’t do much to Joker’s mind, she won’t even need too. Joker won’t really be able to defend himself from her physical attacks. He is completely helpless against the Phoenix Force and its unrelenting fire strikes. His best hope would be to trick Jean Grey into looking at his mind, but she is too smart for that. Jean Grey wins.