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Joker vs Dutch

Suggested by iKnowledge Dutch is a pretty tough guy and certainly a dangerous marksman with a gun. That being said, he’s not quite ready to handle Joker. Sure, he would possibly have the edge in a 1 on 1 gunfight with standard weapons, but that’s not enough to overcome the Joker. Joker has a lot of fancy gadgets at his disposal like his explosive marbles and acid blasters. Dutch will quickly be overwhelmed here and can’t deal with Joker’s unpredictable nature. Joker wins.

2 thoughts on “Joker vs Dutch”

  1. If Dutch can kill the Joker, here’s what he can look forward to:
    The acclaim of some citizens of Gotham for killing the Joker. Their insanity doesn’t fly in Roanapur, it being bad for business. People will even draft a petition for an award to be granted to the Black Lagoon Company as a result.

    CNN: Black Lagoon Company: New Heroes for Gotham?
    The Daily Planet: Is Batman useless now?
    Among other headlines.

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