Joker vs Ulik

Suggested by iKnowledge The Joker is a very cunning villain. He’s also been shown to be quite proficient in hand to hand combat at times. It won’t do much against a foe as powerful as Ulik the Troll though. Ulik can take hits from someone like Thor, there isn’t really anything Joker can do that will hurt him. One swing of his fists and Ulik will have Joker down for the count. I’m afraid that the Crown Prince of Crime will have to retire here. Ulik wins.

Mr Incredible vs Ulik

Suggested by iKnowledge Mr Incredible is a pretty strong guy and his super strength can’t be doubted. That being said, Ulik goes toe to toe with guys like Thor. Sure, Ulik rarely wins the match, but I dare say that his super strength is at a far greater level than Mr Incredible’s. His durability is also better. Since Mr Incredible has no real backup abilities to fall back on, he doesn’t have any way of getting around Ulik’s punishing blows. Ulik wins.

Gotrek Gurnisson vs Ulik

Suggested by iKnowledge Gotrek Gurnisson is a strong troll with an axe that has unbelievable power behind it. Getting hit by a weapon like that could probably even cause some damage to Ulik. Still, Ulik can hold his own here since he is physically superior and I don’t think his weapon would break against this one either. If it did, Ulik could just rip the axe away from Gotrek and pound his way to victory. When you have the edge in strength it opens a lot of doors. Ulik wins.

Thor vs Ulik

Thor has vanquished many opponents. He’s taken down Fire Lords and Frost Giants. Ulik the troll poses no threat to him. Thor is just far too powerful and could take him out fast. Ulik has put up a good fight against Thor at some points, but that was in comics that didn’t make sense. Ulik can never defeat Thor and Thor shall never fall to him. Thor wins.