Gotrek Gurnisson vs Fingon

Suggested by iKnowledge Fingon is a very similar fighter to the last one that Gotrek lost against. The fight basically plays out the same way as well. Gotrek’s hamner is useful for dealing some heavy damage but Fingon will be able to easily dodge the blows and counter with his own. At that point there isn’t much for Gotrek to do aside from conceding defeat. It’s over for him. Fingon wins.


Gotrek Gurnisson vs Glorfindel

Suggested by iKnowledge Gotrek has had a pretty tough time of it in the last few rounds. His strength is formidable but the axe just won’t cut it against stronger fighters. Glorfindel has a considerable amount of strength at his disposal as well and is a very capable fighter. His refined close combat style will be enough to quickly claim the advantage in this fight. When Gotrek loses his strength advantage or is badly outclassed in speed, this is always the outcome that is waiting for him. Glorfindel wins.

Gregor Clegane vs Gotrek Gurnisson

Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these fighters possess super strength and prefer close quarters combat. Gregor uses a long sword while Gotrek has an axe. Gregor certainly has the better weapon when it comes to range, but Gotrek’s hammer would break it if they collided. I give Gregor the edge here because he should still be able to land some decisive blows while avoiding a weapon hit. Even if his sword does shatter, he can likely snatch Gotrek’s weapon away and then finish him off. Gregor Clegane wins.

Gotrek Gurnisson vs Chewbacca

Suggested by iKnowledge This is another interesting fight for Chewy because once again he may not have the edge in power. That being said, he does have a blaster which is incredibly strong. The big deciding factor here will be if Gotrek can stand up to blaster fire for very long. I’m inclined to say that he can’t. He won’t be able to effectively wield his axe while getting blasted which really hurts his entire game plan. He won’t be able to adapt in time to turn things around. Chewbacca wins.

Gotrek Gurnisson vs Ulik

Suggested by iKnowledge Gotrek Gurnisson is a strong troll with an axe that has unbelievable power behind it. Getting hit by a weapon like that could probably even cause some damage to Ulik. Still, Ulik can hold his own here since he is physically superior and I don’t think his weapon would break against this one either. If it did, Ulik could just rip the axe away from Gotrek and pound his way to victory. When you have the edge in strength it opens a lot of doors. Ulik wins.