Spiderman 2099 vs Chewbacca

Suggested by Sonic Chewbacca has a gun and some super strength but that’s nothing new for Spiderman 2099. He’s dealt with a ton of powerful opponents over the years and has always risen to the occasion. Chewbacca just isn’t ready for that kind of ability and will quickly fall here. He won’t be able to land any of his blaster shots while 2099 will be able to land combo after combo at will. Spiderman 2099 wins.

E. Honda vs Chewbacca

Suggested by iKnowledge E. Honda is a Street Fighter who has stayed pretty realistic throughout the entire Street Fighter series. The guy can deal some solid damage to his opponents through arm pushes and solid judo throws but that’s about it. In a physical fight his technique would allow him to easily beat Chewy. The problem here is that Chewbacca does have a laser blaster and unlike most Street Fighter characters, Honda would not be fast enough to dodge these attacks. Ultimately that means he wouldn’t stand much of a chance here. A single blast could end this. Chewbacca wins.

Chewbacca vs King (Tekken)

Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these guys are powerful close quarter brawlers. Chewbacca would probably lose if this was a pure hand to hand fight though. King has the superior techniques at his disposal and would easily use Chewy’s strength against him. That said, in an all out fight Chewbacca is winning this because he does have a laser blaster. A single hit from that would be fatal for King and as fast as the guy is, he simply isn’t fast enough in this found. Chewy would land the shot and that would be the end of that. Chewbacca wins.

Guyver vs Chewbacca

Suggested by Anonymous Chewy is a tough guy who has some decent super strength and durability. Unfortunately for him it isn’t at a high enough level where it really matters here. Guyver is easily stronger than Chewbacca and has a lot of abilities up his sleeve to make this match even easier. A casual energy blast would probably be enough to end things here. Chewbacca has no real defense against that. Guyver wins.

Gotrek Gurnisson vs Chewbacca

Suggested by iKnowledge This is another interesting fight for Chewy because once again he may not have the edge in power. That being said, he does have a blaster which is incredibly strong. The big deciding factor here will be if Gotrek can stand up to blaster fire for very long. I’m inclined to say that he can’t. He won’t be able to effectively wield his axe while getting blasted which really hurts his entire game plan. He won’t be able to adapt in time to turn things around. Chewbacca wins.

Felix Jaeger vs Chewbacca

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time to welcome in another immortal fighter by the name of Felix. He is a strong swordsman who has been through many adventures and even has a shield at the ready. Chewy has the long range advantage with his blaster while Felix would easily beat him in close quarters combat. It’s a tough call, but I think Chewy has to have this one since he has super strength which will let him take away Felix’s weapons. Then a quick blaster shot will end the match. Chewbacca wins.