Fingon vs Lilac

Fingon’s match against Lilac will be pretty much the same as her last fight. He can’t really injure her and his defense isn’t high enough to survive her attacks either. When Lilac gets serious she is a true threat and she also has the fire shield at the ready as well. Whether Fingon loses through the burns or simply from her punishing attacks, it is over for him either way. Lilac wins.


Gotrek Gurnisson vs Fingon

Suggested by iKnowledge Fingon is a very similar fighter to the last one that Gotrek lost against. The fight basically plays out the same way as well. Gotrek’s hamner is useful for dealing some heavy damage but Fingon will be able to easily dodge the blows and counter with his own. At that point there isn’t much for Gotrek to do aside from conceding defeat. It’s over for him. Fingon wins.