Glorfindel vs Lilac

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Glorfindel has returned, but he is in a little over his head against Lilac. Lilac has incredible speed at her disposal so Glorfindel won’t be able to land a hit on her. Lilac’s attacks also have a lot of power behind them so they will deal a considerable amount of damage. Glorfindel may as well put his sword down now because he won’t be hitting her and without a way to deal damage he has no chance. Lilac wins.


Gotrek Gurnisson vs Glorfindel

Suggested by iKnowledge Gotrek has had a pretty tough time of it in the last few rounds. His strength is formidable but the axe just won’t cut it against stronger fighters. Glorfindel has a considerable amount of strength at his disposal as well and is a very capable fighter. His refined close combat style will be enough to quickly claim the advantage in this fight. When Gotrek loses his strength advantage or is badly outclassed in speed, this is always the outcome that is waiting for him. Glorfindel wins.