Gotrek Gurnisson vs Glorfindel

Suggested by iKnowledge Gotrek has had a pretty tough time of it in the last few rounds. His strength is formidable but the axe just won’t cut it against stronger fighters. Glorfindel has a considerable amount of strength at his disposal as well and is a very capable fighter. His refined close combat style will be enough to quickly claim the advantage in this fight. When Gotrek loses his strength advantage or is badly outclassed in speed, this is always the outcome that is waiting for him. Glorfindel wins.


2 thoughts on “Gotrek Gurnisson vs Glorfindel

  1. Whatever the outcome of this fight, It would probably be one for the ages. Warhammer Dwarves are no strangers to fighting with elves. And if Glorfindel’s identity as being the one and same as the Glorfindel who died in the First Age is true, Glorfindel will not find this difficult at all.

    • Definitely, Dwarves and Elves have been fighting for eons and both sides always seem to do pretty well. I’d say that typically the Elves should have a bit of an edge with their magics but Dwarf strength is nothing to be sneezed at

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