Gregor Clegane vs Gotrek Gurnisson

Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these fighters possess super strength and prefer close quarters combat. Gregor uses a long sword while Gotrek has an axe. Gregor certainly has the better weapon when it comes to range, but Gotrek’s hammer would break it if they collided. I give Gregor the edge here because he should still be able to land some decisive blows while avoiding a weapon hit. Even if his sword does shatter, he can likely snatch Gotrek’s weapon away and then finish him off. Gregor Clegane wins.


2 thoughts on “Gregor Clegane vs Gotrek Gurnisson

  1. I believe Gotrek has a chance. Warhammer Dwarves should have speed and skill advantages over ASOIAF characters, and what could stop Gotrek’s axe from becoming a deliverer of the Square-Cube law and sending Gregor tumbling, despite the latter’s speed? At that point, what could stop Gregor’s head from being split open with the Axe-Blade?

    • I definitely don’t deny that he has a chance here. It was a pretty close fight. I think the tough part here would be the speed. I feel like Gregor’s agile enough to parry Gotrek and land some good stabs in. He could potentially even catch the axe by the handle when Gotrek tries to hit him and that would work pretty well as a counter. I think that would be Gregor’s best bet here

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