Gregor Clegane vs Gotrek Gurnisson

Suggested by iKnowledge Both of these fighters possess super strength and prefer close quarters combat. Gregor uses a long sword while Gotrek has an axe. Gregor certainly has the better weapon when it comes to range, but Gotrek’s hammer would break it if they collided. I give Gregor the edge here because he should still be able to land some decisive blows while avoiding a weapon hit. Even if his sword does shatter, he can likely snatch Gotrek’s weapon away and then finish him off. Gregor Clegane wins.


Gregor Clegane vs Felix Jaeger

Suggested by iKnowledge Felix is back for another round, but I don’t think he will be able to win this match either. Gregor was always a very strong man whose power was slightly beyond that of the average human. That being said, his death experience made him even stronger. Felix may be immortal, but that will only delay the inevitable here as he simply isn’t strong enough to stop this guy. Gregor Clegane wins.

Lyn vs Gregor Clegane

Suggested by IKnowledge Gregor Clegane is back and he is up against another swordswoman. Lyn is one of the quickest sword fighters out there though and she will be able to exploit his weaknesses. Gregor Clegane may have some decent speed considering his size, but he isn’t very nimble. Gregor also isn’t a great swordsman as he purely relies on power. Lyn will be able to evade and parry quite easily as she hits him with lethal sword strikes. There’s no way his armor can stop her sword swings since it was created to slay large monsters. Gregor simply won’t be able to stop her. Lyn wins.

Beatrix Kiddo vs Gregor Clegane

Suggested by IKnowledge Gregor Clegane is one of the strongest characters in the Game of Thrones series. His physical abilities were already considerable from the start, but he has been amped up recently so that he can crush a person with his bare hands. He also wears very thick armor which protects him from most attacks. Beatrix Kiddo is just out of her league here. She can certainly outfight him since Gregor isn’t the most technical of fighters, but dealing damage to him will be very difficult. He also just needs one hit to end the fight and there’s a good chance that he will land this blow. Gregor Clegane wins.