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Beatrix Kiddo vs Gregor Clegane

Suggested by IKnowledge Gregor Clegane is one of the strongest characters in the Game of Thrones series. His physical abilities were already considerable from the start, but he has been amped up recently so that he can crush a person with his bare hands. He also wears very thick armor which protects him from most attacks. Beatrix Kiddo is just out of her league here. She can certainly outfight him since Gregor isn’t the most technical of fighters, but dealing damage to him will be very difficult. He also just needs one hit to end the fight and there’s a good chance that he will land this blow. Gregor Clegane wins.

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Beatrix Kiddo vs Slade

Suggested by IKnowledge Beatrix Kiddo is an experienced martial artist who is quite proficient with a blade. She is a solid all around warrior who should be able to give Slade a decent match. That being said, Deathstroke is above a normal human physically thanks to his super human serum. Even without that, I’m inclined to say that he has superior hand to hand expertise. He was able to match up against Batman quite well. While Beatrix Kiddo did learn well, she just won’t be able to compete with this in the end and will have to take the loss. Slade wins.