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Revy vs Joker

Suggested by iKnowledge Joker is a skilled villain who surprisingly hasn’t gotten many power ups over the years, but he is consistently deadly. What makes Joker so tough to deal with is his seemingly endless array of gadgets and tricks. He is never running on empty. Revy is quick and precise with her shots so there is a reasonable chance that she could tag Joker. That being said, I don’t believe she will be able to stop the Crown Prince of Crime. She would need a little more speed and strength to overcome him. Joker wins.

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Revy vs Black Canary

Suggested by iKnowledge Revy is a talented fighter whose gun accuracy is quite impressive. Black Canary isn’t bullet proof so a gun is always a legitimate threat but she is used to dealing with many opponents over the years and so I think her combat awareness will help her dodge. She can also use her sonic scream right away to take Revy down before she can get too many shots off or begin to overwhelm her in close quarters combat. Once the scream is activated the match is as good as over. Black canary wins. 

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Revy vs Faye Valentine

Suggested by iKnowledge Faye Valentine and Revy are both skilled combatants when it comes to using a gun. However, Revy has the edge here since she can move with super human speed. Dodging bullets will be a lot easier for her than it will be for Faye. Revy absolutely has the edge here in a 1 on 1 fight and Faye will quickly realize just how outgunned she is. Considering that both fighters will take massive damage from a bullet, Revy has the much better chance of landing that initial hit and from there victory is assured. Revy wins.

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Miss Sweetwater vs Revy

Both of these characters are professionals as well as the best at what they do. Miss Sweetwater’s methods seemed to be more effective than Mr. Ratburn’s as the students were always happy to see her. Revy’s gun skills are also second to none so this match may definitely require some thought. ….Okay, now that we’ve thought about it, Revy is the victor. Her gun skills will just be too much for Miss Sweetwater. Revy wins.