Phoenix Ikki vs Zeke

Suggested by Sonic Phoenix Ikki is often known as one of the most powerful Saint Seiya characters and it’s easy to see why. His regeneration is just on a completely different level from most fighters. Zeke has some good speed and attack moves at his disposal but this just won’t be enough to stop Ikki. One “Phoenix Ascent!” attack will end this match in his favor. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Zeke vs Ulquiorra

Suggested by Destroyer Ulquiorra is one of the strongest Bleach characters out there. Even Grimmjow was on the defensive against his abilities. Still, Zeke isn’t quite ready for such a high level of combat and I’m afraid that he’ll have to take a loss here. Ulquiorra probably wouldn’t even need his released form to win this. Spamming a few Ceros will keep Zeke off balance so Ulquiorra can rush in for the quick win. If only Draglade had gotten an anime. Ulquiorra wins.

Zeke vs Sora

Suggested by Destroyer Zeke is a strong fighter who excels at close quarters combat. The same is true of Sora although the Keyblade master is proficient from all ranges. He has an array of powered up modes which he can use to fight Zeke. When Sora enters Final Form that will be curtains for Zeke, there just isn’t much that he can do against that. Sora wins.

Ash vs Zeke

Suggested by Sonic Ash is a kid from Pallet Town and he has a brand new world to see. He doesn’t know anything about Draglade battles but he won’t need to with Pikachu at the ready. Zeke is fast and strong with a flurry of close quarter combat moves to back him up but he won’t quite be able to win this. Pikachu is too fast and Ash has many other Pokémon to back him up as well. Ash wins.