Rayne Ames vs Phoenix Ikki

Phoenix Ikki is a knight of Athena and as a result you can probably expect that he’s a whole lot stronger than any mere sorcerer. Rayne is one of the strongest mages in all of Mashle but even he would not be able to stand up to Ikki for very long. The gap in their respective power levels is just much too vast. Ikki can heal from most attacks and his golden armor would just block any attack Rayne throws out at him. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Phoenix Ikki vs Zeke

Suggested by Sonic Phoenix Ikki is often known as one of the most powerful Saint Seiya characters and it’s easy to see why. His regeneration is just on a completely different level from most fighters. Zeke has some good speed and attack moves at his disposal but this just won’t be enough to stop Ikki. One “Phoenix Ascent!” attack will end this match in his favor. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Phoenix Ikki vs Erdrick

Erdrick has taken on a lot of monsters over the years. As a result it’s fair to say that he knows his own limits better than anyone. That’s why he will know right away that he can’t handle an opponent like Phoenix Ikki. Ikki can slay most monsters in an instant and by the same token even Erdrick won’t be able to do anything. His shield would be absolutely shattered in a battle and I don’t see his sword being able to scratch Ikki’s armor. With no viable attack option at the ready that means Erdrick is doomed here. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Phoenix Ikki vs Ryoma Nagare

Ryoma Nagare is a strong guy and has built quite a reputation for himself by fighting up close and personal the whole time. He has great technique and raw power at his disposal which makes for a very explosive combination. That being said, his power still can’t ascend to Ikki’s level. Ikki’s powers are beyond comprehension and he can move at speeds far greater than light. No matter how fast Ryoma moves, he won’t be able to match this and his durability won’t be great enough to stand up to Ikki for long either. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Phoenix Ikki vs Roark

Roark has some serious rock Pokemon at his disposal which fight really well for him as a team. He was definitely one of the sturdier Gym leaders even if the guy never really stood out much on his own. He still did enough to prove his power. Still, that doesn’t mean he can handle a knight of Athena. Ikki is in a completely different level when it comes to combat and probably could end this in a single move. There’s no way any of Roark’s Pokemon would be able to keep up. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Phoenix Ikki vs Kiritsugu

Kiritsugu is a pretty skilled mage. He’s able to fight at close range combat rather well thanks to his time manipulation. Additionally he’s a solid shot and can fire bullets which disrupt magic. None of that will be able to stop a man of Phoenix Ikki’s caliber though. The guy will simply burn his cosmos all the brighter. His Fire blows can burn through anything Kiritsugu tries to throw his way and he’s also a lot faster in general. As a result, there’s just nothing Kiritsugu can really do to defend himself here. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Phoenix Ikki vs Shiro Tagami

Shiro Tagami is a tough fighter who has been around the block a few times but he is definitely outmatched here against Ikki. Phoenix Ikki was more powerful than Shiro even back when he was a villain during the very early days of Saint Seiya. He’s grown to be millions of times more powerful since then so when you take all of that into perspective then Shiro is really doomed here. Shiro isn’t meant to fight guys who can destroy entire galaxies and it’s hard to get around that. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Phoenix Ikki vs Celeste Morne

Celeste has the Force at her disposal but it’s definitely not going to be enough to do much of anything to Phoenix Ikki. Ikki has incredible powers at his disposal including the 6th sense. He can dodge any attacks she throws at him. I imagine that Celeste’s connection to the Force will protect her from Ikki’s phantom punch but I don’t think that’s enough to give her a leg up in the fight. She is still completely outmatched physically and it’s hard to really bounce back from that. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Phoenix Ikki vs Turin Turambar

This is a pretty huge blowout. Look, Turin’s a pretty decent fighter, but being a decent fighter isn’t going to cut it against Phoenix Ikki. Ikki can fire off punches that are far faster than light and he can do so with ease. His raw power is completely out of this world as well and he will be using a lot of mindgames on Turin. There’s just no real way that Turin can hope to stop Ikki here and the match will be over in an instant if not sooner. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Phoenix Ikki vs Sunny

Suggested by Sonic Sunny has a solid defense at his disposal. His hair can block just about anything and to say that he is a planetary threat would probably not be overstating things. That said, he is still not going to be durable enough here. Ikki’s flames can burn through anything and that certainly includes Sunny’s hair. Additionally Ikki is also just a whole lot faster than Sunny so he will be able to stay on the offensive here. The gap in their abilities is simply too great. Phoenix Ikki wins.