Phoenix Ikki vs Shiro Tagami

Shiro Tagami is a tough fighter who has been around the block a few times but he is definitely outmatched here against Ikki. Phoenix Ikki was more powerful than Shiro even back when he was a villain during the very early days of Saint Seiya. He’s grown to be millions of times more powerful since then so when you take all of that into perspective then Shiro is really doomed here. Shiro isn’t meant to fight guys who can destroy entire galaxies and it’s hard to get around that. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Iris (Aspen) vs Shiro Tagami

Suggested by iKnowledge Shiro is back and now he’s up against another skilled close quarters fighter. Iris is quite good at destroying her opponents in an instant with a sneak attack. Not to say that she wouldn’t fair well in a frontal assault as well but Shiro has the edge there. He’s simply faster and more skilled. Taking him down will not be an achievable task for her as it will take too long to adapt to his staff in battle. Shiro Tagami wins.

Shiro Tagami vs Brad Wong

Suggested by iKnowledge Brad is a pretty skilled fighter within the Dead or Alive series. He has powerful strikes at his disposal so while he is not the fastest character, he still deals quite a lot of damage. That said, I don’t think it’ll be enough for him to stop Shiro. Shiro is still quite a bit faster than Brad and his weapon of choice has quite the long reach so he will always be one step ahead of Brad. Brad just won’t be ready to deal with such a fighter. Shiro Tagami wins.