Phoenix Ikki vs Celeste Morne

Celeste has the Force at her disposal but it’s definitely not going to be enough to do much of anything to Phoenix Ikki. Ikki has incredible powers at his disposal including the 6th sense. He can dodge any attacks she throws at him. I imagine that Celeste’s connection to the Force will protect her from Ikki’s phantom punch but I don’t think that’s enough to give her a leg up in the fight. She is still completely outmatched physically and it’s hard to really bounce back from that. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Celeste Morne vs Qui Gon

Suggested by iKnowledge This is a pretty close fight. Qui Gon had some decent force abilities but never btruly mastered it. This kept him from reaching the same pinnacle as many other Jedi masters. Meanwhile Celeste is more of a hit and run kind of fighter. She doesn’t have the raw power that a lot of the other Star Wars characters have. So this will really dome down to overall technique and I’m confident that Celeste would have the edge. She had much fiercer training which will come into play here. As talented as Qui Gon is, he just won’t be a match for her. Celeste Morne wins.