Celeste Morne vs Qui Gon

Suggested by iKnowledge This is a pretty close fight. Qui Gon had some decent force abilities but never btruly mastered it. This kept him from reaching the same pinnacle as many other Jedi masters. Meanwhile Celeste is more of a hit and run kind of fighter. She doesn’t have the raw power that a lot of the other Star Wars characters have. So this will really dome down to overall technique and I’m confident that Celeste would have the edge. She had much fiercer training which will come into play here. As talented as Qui Gon is, he just won’t be a match for her. Celeste Morne wins.

2 thoughts on “Celeste Morne vs Qui Gon

  1. Qui-Gon may have a chance at beating her temporarily, but his chances increase if he can overcome the Dark Side in him enough to shatter the Muur Talisman. Also, his techniques may be centuries more advanced than Celeste’s, for it took 5,000 years for her to find peace, during which she stagnated. Even if she did fight two Skywalkers to a standstill (Anakin/Vader and Luke). Qui-Gon only lost to Maul because of his age (which affected his stamina) and Maul’s youthfulness and ruthlessness.

    • Age really did hurt Qui Gon. He would have put up a better fight otherwise but I think the issue is also that he had never fought a Sith Lord before so he doesn’t have much combat experience. Celeste has certainly taken down more opponents in her day

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