Phoenix Ikki vs Turin Turambar

This is a pretty huge blowout. Look, Turin’s a pretty decent fighter, but being a decent fighter isn’t going to cut it against Phoenix Ikki. Ikki can fire off punches that are far faster than light and he can do so with ease. His raw power is completely out of this world as well and he will be using a lot of mindgames on Turin. There’s just no real way that Turin can hope to stop Ikki here and the match will be over in an instant if not sooner. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Turin Turambar vs Maric Theirin

Suggested by iKnowledge Maric Theirin and Turin are both skilled sword fighters of great renown. Ultimately when it comes to two similar fighters like this you have to look at their feats and abilities. While Maric has won a great many fights, he has yet to do anything as impressive as Turin. Turin slayed a great dragon and is said by prophecy to resurrect someday and claim a great victory against evil. We can completely disregard the prophecy until it happens to be honest, but taking down a dragon is no small feat. Turin has greater stamina than Maric and in a sword fight I believe he will ultimately prove victorious after a hard fought battle. Turin Turambar wins.