Kiritsugu vs Akainu

Suggested by Sonic Akainu has powerful magma but he actually isn’t as impressive as you would expect given that he is the fleet admiral. I expect he will get new feats soon but at the moment there really isn’t much of anything that he can do against Kiritsugu. Kiritsugu already has double time which is really handy but Akainu would still have the edge. No, Saber is what gives Kiritsugu the win here because his servant would be more than a match for Akainu. In terms of power it’s a good fight but the speed difference is too great. Kiritsugu wins.

Phoenix Ikki vs Kiritsugu

Kiritsugu is a pretty skilled mage. He’s able to fight at close range combat rather well thanks to his time manipulation. Additionally he’s a solid shot and can fire bullets which disrupt magic. None of that will be able to stop a man of Phoenix Ikki’s caliber though. The guy will simply burn his cosmos all the brighter. His Fire blows can burn through anything Kiritsugu tries to throw his way and he’s also a lot faster in general. As a result, there’s just nothing Kiritsugu can really do to defend himself here. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Kiritsugu vs Train

Kiritsugu is here to face a character who is really a glimpse of what he could have been. Both of them started out as assassins, but Train is really the only one who changed into a hero and stayed that way. Even as an assassin Train always kept his morals. Train is the better gunfighter and this should be reasonably easy for him. Train wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Kiritsugu has his Saber at the ready. Kiritsugu wins.