Luffy vs Akainu

Akainu is a powerful One Piece villain and I think he has a real chance to be Luffy’s final opponent in the series. It’ll likely be between him and Blackbeard at the very least. While he was definitely shown to be more powerful than Luffy back in part 1, I would say that Luffy has surpassed him. Armament Haki means that Luffy can now deal solid blows and he was always faster than Akainu in the past. The lava just won’t be enough to keep Akainu on top. I have no doubt that he has improved as well, but to Luffy’s level? I don’t think so. Luffy wins.

Himiko Toga vs Akainu

Suggested by iKnowledge Himiko Toga is a talented assasin who can use her shape shifting ability to transform into someone and infiltrate an area with ease. She is also good at close quarters combat with her signature knife and injection needles. None of those options will be any good against someone who can completely turn into lava though. Toga will be without any of her tools here and it’s just nearly impossible to hurt a Logia user through traditional means. Toga has nothing at her disposal to get past that so she will end up losing this round. Akainu wins.