Himiko Toga vs Ivy

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for Toga to return to action. Her quirk may not be all that offensive at the moment but she does have a good amount of agility and weapons she can use to slay her foes. That said, Ivy is a very experienced fighter who has a lot of weapons of her own. I have little doubt that she would be able to overwhelm Toga in a fight should their paths cross. In Soul Calibur 6 Ivy was shown to be able to transform her sword into a bow/arrow to handle long range opponents and her weapon could also extend to fire from underground. Toga won’t be able to dodge these attacks. Ivy wins.

Himiko Toga vs Akainu

Suggested by iKnowledge Himiko Toga is a talented assasin who can use her shape shifting ability to transform into someone and infiltrate an area with ease. She is also good at close quarters combat with her signature knife and injection needles. None of those options will be any good against someone who can completely turn into lava though. Toga will be without any of her tools here and it’s just nearly impossible to hurt a Logia user through traditional means. Toga has nothing at her disposal to get past that so she will end up losing this round. Akainu wins.