Number 6 vs Deku

Number 6 is one of the strongest Vigilante villains around. The guy has super strength, speed, regeneration, and a whole lot of other tricks at his disposal. The guy could take on most fighters but I would still give Deku the edge here. Deku has enough raw power where he should be able to get past Number 6’s regeneration. Additionally with 100% power Deku should be able to match his speed as well. It may be a difficult fight but it’s one that Deku should win. Deku wins.

Number 6 vs Magne

Suggested by Destroyer Magne has a lot of raw power but no real speed. Power is not something that’s going to help you against someone like Number 6. After all, Number 6 has shown speed that only characters like Deku could go up against. I could see Number 6 even being able to defeat Magne before the fighter has any way to react in time. Number 6 wins.

Number 6 vs Himiko Toga

Suggested by Destroyer Toga is great at close quarters combat and her quirk should not be underestimated. That being said, she has no options to keep up with Number 6’s overwhelming speed. He should be able to easily overpower her whether its in close quarters or from afar. His stamina is also high enough where she can’t hope to just take the hits and tire him out. She would need a really big power upgrade to deal with this beast. Number 6 wins.