Phoenix Ikki vs Ryoma Nagare

Ryoma Nagare is a strong guy and has built quite a reputation for himself by fighting up close and personal the whole time. He has great technique and raw power at his disposal which makes for a very explosive combination. That being said, his power still can’t ascend to Ikki’s level. Ikki’s powers are beyond comprehension and he can move at speeds far greater than light. No matter how fast Ryoma moves, he won’t be able to match this and his durability won’t be great enough to stand up to Ikki for long either. Phoenix Ikki wins.

Ryoma Nagare vs Lelouch

Ryoma Nagare tops Lelouch in physical ability. By himself Lelouch isn’t much of a fighter. Of course he’s not by himself. He has a robot with him that has a pretty great beam. Ryoma Nagare also has a robot so this is a giant robot fight. In the end Ryoma Nagare is too strong to lose and Lelouch falls to the 0-1 spot. Ryoma Nagare wins.

General Beatrix vs Ryoma Nagare

General Beatrix has an array of techniques which makes her a dangerous opponent in a fight. Of course Ryoma Nagare is also very dangerous. Even without his robot he’s an expert at hand to hand, and he’s plenty fast. General Beatrix wouldn’t be able to take Ryoma down. Ryoma’s just too powerful. Ryoma Nagare wins.

Ryoma vs Ryoma Nagare

Ryoma Nagare may be a good pilot, but when it comes down to a fight only one Ryoma can come out on top. Ryoma Nagare is tough, but he lacks the speed that Ryoma Echizen has. Plus Ryoma Echizen knows how to make fire tornadoes and other supernatural things that would stop Ryoma Nagare in his tracks. Ryoma wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Nagare has too much physical ability to lose this round. Ryoma Nagare wins.