Ryoma vs Ryoma Nagare

Ryoma Nagare may be a good pilot, but when it comes down to a fight only one Ryoma can come out on top. Ryoma Nagare is tough, but he lacks the speed that Ryoma Echizen has. Plus Ryoma Echizen knows how to make fire tornadoes and other supernatural things that would stop Ryoma Nagare in his tracks. Ryoma wins.

Update 8 7 2020 Nagare has too much physical ability to lose this round. Ryoma Nagare wins.

188 thoughts on “Ryoma vs Ryoma Nagare

  1. kkkkkkkkkkk
    except for one event:

    If ryoma(the pilot), have the Shin Getter-1 skills, he will kick ryoma’s(tennis player) ass with the Shine Spark attack.

    And Nagare can destroy Echizen’s racket with his chest muscles(like he did in a sword).

    • He could break Ryoma’s racket…..if Ryoma didn’t go into Perfect mode. In Perfect Mode he’d be able to predict what Ryoma (pilot) would do before he knew it. So he’d be able to dodge the Shine Spark Attack and everything else that was thrown at him. That’s why Ryoma can’t lose. Predicting the future and having a lot of speed is key to victory.

      • Ryoma Nagare doesnt give a care about perfect mode or predictions! He’s beat that tennis guy up! He becomes immortal at the end of New Getter Robo. Not to mention his oni-slaying skills. He kills demon armies with hand to hand combat.

      • That’s good and all, but he’s still not as good as Ryoma. Ryoma could pwn him fast with his Perfect mode and Tennis Skills. he blocked a ball at point blank range and constantly shows why he’s so cool. Ryoma Nagare is tough too, just not as tough.

  2. I imagine a getter team with the seigaku players.

    And Ryoma Echizen’s role is the hot-blooded karateka Ryoma Nagare.

  3. And Ryoma(pilot),in the 2004 New Getter ova, stormed a capital city alone,and killed a bunch of onis(with a bunch of Weapons).
    and Mr.Nagare can absorb Getter Rays to gain more strength,and kill this tennis player crazyly.

    • He’s good I’ll give you that, but he’s not good enough to take down Ryoma. While a ship was sinking and water was coming in Ryoma was still able to take down his opponent. Amidst air pressure to sharp it ripped his clothes Ryoma pushed on and made it to the tennis ball. Also his flames are so hot they were able to keep going even after being dowsed with water. Ryoma can also track objects moving at super speeds and react fast enough to block or dodge. No one takes down Ryoma!

      • Ryoma Nagare kills gods, devils, and whatever is thrown at him. Your little tennis player wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell against the super robot master! Ryoma Nagare doesn’t even need his mech for such an easy fight. Getter Rays make him immortal.

      • I disagree. Ryoma has tennis skills that could beat gods and whatever else you threw at him. There’s a reason that Ryoma is undefeated thus far. Ryoma is just too powerful. Ryoma Nagare may get another win someday, just not today.

      • Sorry to tell you, but the Prince of Tennis movie with the ship isn’t considered canon. So no, Ryoma can’t make tornadoes of fire.

        …I’d love to see him try to fight Mazinger Zero. Zero is literally the strongest Mazinger robot in the history of the series – it got so powerful that it became sentient and doesn’t need a pilot anymore. It’s also very arrogant and wants to be the strongest being in the multiverse, so it travels around destroying strong opponents and the universes they’re in. It can bend reality even with only 1% of its power, and if it activates all 100%… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE2esIcRhNQ This is Zero with only 1% of power activated. The only thing that can destroy it is its own pilot, Kouji Kabuto, simply because he’s the only one aside from Zero that can control Zero’s “Reality Manipulation Black Box”.

      • True, it’s not canon, but on the blog it’s composite so everyone gets their movie appearances as well. As to the rest, Mazinger Zero is incredibly powerful to be sure. Without the High Aboves rule I think he would definitely have a commanding shot here.

    • I really wonder: are you a troll, or are you just this stupid? I can see both options. Troll or not, this is Ryoma Nagare we’re talking about. You dare not disgrace him no matter what your motives be.

    • He may break dinosaurs, but he can’t break Ryoma’s skull. Ryoma is too fast and strong. Ryoma can also fly using his tornadoes and stay above Getter Ryoma. Ryoma can also shoot Tennis Balls so fast that Getter Ryoma won’t be able to dodge. Ryoma is the Prince of Tennis for a reason

      • Ryoma Nagare can handle rips in space time. I’m sure he can handle a tornado. Plus, Nagare would destroy tennis guy’s speed. Ryoma can take on armies by himself. You are really tainting your own manliness here.

      • No one can handle Ryoma’s speed. He’s far too fast and far too powerful. Let’s face it, Ryoma can’t be stopped. He’s taken on the power of many other tennis players and pwned them.

    • Seigaku Students>Getter Team

      Maybe Getter guys beat Seigaku mostly, but with Ryoma and….Fuji I think…not sure. The genius who is close to Ryoma in level. They take down the Getter gang.

  4. Ryoma Echizen isn’t the only boy “who lives in his father’s shadow”!

    Ryoma Nagare is the prince of karate and soccer!
    (In manga)He is the son of Ichigan Nagare, the “dojo destroyer”!
    (In anime) He is a teen soccer player,and his father Ryuusaku is a kendo fighter.

    Mr Nagare trained with his father and fighted tigers with his bare hands.

    Look his skills: (see Charles Atlas Superpower in Tv tropes site) throwing a sword (by the blade) with enough force to sever a man’s arm; jumping hundreds of feet from a helicopter onto a car and suffering only minor discomfort; climbing up the face of a rampaging Getter-2 to punch the pilot in the face; resisting an animal tranquilizer strong enough to kill most men even after nearly bleeding to death immediately beforehand; breaking a katana by flexing his chest muscles; and punching dinosaurs to death.

    • He does sound like a force to be reckoned with I’ll give you that. He’s very tough and I’d take him over a couple hundred fighters on the blog. I just don’t think he can take on Ryoma. Ryoma has had his moments.

      Once Two Guys were hitting a tennis ball back and forth so fast you couldn’t see the ball. Ryoma stepped in between them and blocked the ball with his racket effortlessly. Ryoma’s that good.

      Another time as a ship was sinking he fought a tennis game with another guy. This guy had thunder powers and was pretty powerful. Even with that Ryoma was able to fly into the sky and reach the tennis ball.

      Finally Ryoma fought the god of tennis. That guy was super tough, but Ryoma learned Perfect mode and took him down. In Perfect mode he’s way too fast and strong. He can’t be defeated by anyone. In New Prince of Tennis he’s gotten even stronger.

      If you want to help Ryoma Nagare request a fight with him. Like I said I think he can beat many characters. So request for instance Ryoma Nagare vs Rie and I’ll have it up as soon as I can

  5. And Saotome can be Sakuno’s grandpa, and Sakuno can be Michiru. Sakuno is a perfect Michiru for the “Getter Seigaku” role.

  6. if you have time, make a fanfic with the seigaku team converted into getter pilots.

    I suggest

    Ryoma- Ryoma(of course)
    Saotome- Seigaku coach
    Michiru- Sakuno

    • Well I don’t really make fanfics. Of course I could have a battle arc where the two teams fight, but I haven’t seen Getter Robo or read it yet, so it may be best to wait. Until then you can still request some more fights for them

      • When you see it, you’ll be wowed. Getter Robo will be hard to find though. Copyright’s a bitch. BTW: Had you actually seen Getter Robo’s OVAs or read it’s manga’s this poll would be written much differently. Not to mention manlier.

      • I’ll probably watch it one of these years/decades. Thing is, it can’t pass Prince of Tennis. it was just too megaepic in the end. I haven’t seen the OVAs or manga. Of course the poll is already perfect and manly. Sorry if you didn’t notice, but….this blog is AWESOME!!!! :DDDD

  7. I imagine Deep Red(Hiroshi Kitadani’s song) in Ryoma(tennis player)’s last “battle” with Rikkai Dai.

    If Musashi is forced to die, in Prince of Tennis who is the best character in Tenipuri to make a heroic sacrifice? (Not counting Ryoma)

    • The best POT character for a heroic sacrifice would be Kunimitsu Tezuka for me. For two main reasons

      1. He’s the captain so his death would be more emotional than others

      2. I never liked him so seeing him die wouldn’t hurt the series 🙂

  8. So:

    Ryoma(pilot)- Ryoma(tennis player)
    Sakuno- Michiru
    Sakuno’s Grandpa- Prof. Saotome
    Musashi- Tezuka
    Dinosaur Empire- Rikkai Dai

    And, who can be Hayato and Genki?

    • Hayato can be Sanada Genichirou. The emperor of tennis.

      As for Genki….I know even less about him than the others since he has no section on the wiki. If he-she is the over enthusiastic character of the series than I say Kintaru. If he-she is a mean rival than I pick Kaoru.

  9. Good. But Sanada is not from Seigaku.

    However, he can be a good General Batt.

    So the Rikkai Dai empire can be:

    Emperor Gore- Yukimura
    General Batt- Sanada

    And Genki Saotome is very funny, but in Armaggedon, Genki is a girl(not a boy),and later, becames Kei Kuruma.

    If Genki is Kintaru,who can be Kei?
    Note: You may better select a good Seigaku player to be Hayato
    (Not counting Ryoma E/Ryoma N and Tezuka/Musashi)

    • Yeah I forgot about being on the Seigaku team part….oh well.

      Okay for Hayato I pick Fuji because he’s the best player on the team besides Ryoma.

      For Kei….Momoshiro. Momoshiro is usually outshined by others, but when the chips are down he wins…..mostly

      As for Genki there aren’t any girls on the team. There’s always the main heroine though I don’t know her name

  10. And i imagine Ryoma Echizen as an full hot-blooded karate master… instead of using tennis skills he will be a great street fighter. This will be very good.

  11. No, momoshiro is not a girl.

    But i liked the Getter Seigaku formation:

    Ryoma – Ryoma
    Hayato – Fuji
    Musashi – Tezuka

    This will be good.

    • Kei’s a girl? I didn’t know that. Well there’s The main heroine’s best friend (Who I also don’t know her name) Prince of Tennis has virtually no female characters which makes this tough

    • There’s no one even close to an amazoness in Prince of Tennis. We’re at the end of our rope here…….noooooooooooooooooooo. Maybe in New Prince of Tennis a character like that will show up soon.

      • There’s no one even close to the awesomeness of Getter Robo. Fixed that for ya. If you’re a man, you’d much rather watch super robots cleave plannets than watch a bunch of pretty boy clam-hats play tennis.

      • I don’t know man. Watching guys play tennis is pretty cool. You never know what will happen next. Will Ryoma pwn? Or will he pwn fast? Those are the questions you ask yourself as you watch POT

  12. So, the results of the “Prince of Getters” story:

    Ryoma- Ryoma Echizen
    Hayato- Fuji Syusuke
    Musashi- Tezuka Kunimitsu
    Prof Saotome- Seigaku’s coach
    Michiru- Sakuno Ryuzaki
    Genki- Kintaro
    Emperor Gole- Yukimura Seiichi
    General Batt- Sanada Genichirou

    • Yep the roster looks complete. After a lot of hard and difficult work we have achieved the unachieveable, reached the unreachable, completed the incompleteable, Done……you get the idea 🙂

  13. Anyway, i can’t wait to see a real “Prince of Getters” story.

    How role you like to follow “Prince of Getters”?

    Anime role or Manga role?

    • The OVA’s are better. Original doesnt mean anything. It’s not about the first, it’s about the best. The New Getter OVA is the best one. Don’t try to act exquisite by posing to have taste for the original. That state of mind is both cliche and retarded

      • I don’t know Getter Robo is pretty cool. Thing is it can’t beat Prince of Tennis. Prince of Tennis is an anime of legend and has shown that it’s super cool. Ryoma Nagare is strong, but not strong enough to beat Ryoma.

  14. Now i want a battle like this:

    General Beatrix(FFIX) x Ryoma Nagare(Getter Robo)

    Two “no mercy” characters fighting. Who could win?

    • Sure, request fight accepted. I’ll have it up tomorrow. Time to read up on these two characters. I have to make sure I pick the right character to win after all. It’s close. I’ll probably read up more on them before I do the match. though I’m leaning towards General Beatrix so far. Is there anything you can tell me about Ryoma Nagare powerwise? Like some great feats he’s done and special abilities that I may not have heard of? Because my only knowledge of him is a bit online and what you’ve told me. Well either way now I’m leaning towards Ryoma. I would say who wins for sure, but that’d spoil the surprise when the match is up 🙂

  15. You are retarded for thinking that Ryoma Nagare would lose to this pansy! That’s an infringement on your manhood! Ryoma Nagare took out an army of over 2,000 demons in close combat outside his mecha! He also can fire Getter Rays from his sword. Your poll is cheap.

    • Fraid I’m right. See here’s the deal, Ryoma is a tennis player which god level skills. He can fire a tennis ball so fast that no one can take him down. He’s even defeated Thor in this blog. Ryoma Nagare is tough and won another match, but in this one Ryoma wins. You underestimate his raw power.

      • Ha! A god of tennis?! That’s cheap! Nagare beat up Getter gods who try to control the univers, and you’re spouting stuff about a god in the realm of a feminine sport?! Who do you think you’re kidding? You’re not right at all. You underestimate Nagare’s absolute raw power. He took down a machine the size of Jupiter, if not bigger with a cool jet! Then Nagare proceeded to inherit immortality! He can’t be stopped by a mere tennis ball.

      • No offense, but Ryoma’s too cool to handle. With his tennis skills he defeated the Emperor of Tennis and the child of god at tennis. So he’s proven himself far more than Ryoma Nagare. Ryoma Nagare is tough and could beat many fighter, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He can’t take down Ryoma. Ryoma has mad skillz

      • Until you see Getter, you have yet to see cool. Your poll is biased on your Ryoma, because you know nothing about Getter, and you just want your precious tennis pansy to be renouned as the best Ryoma ever. Did I mention that Ryoma can fire Getter Rays from his sword that can easily slice a tornado? He weilds a Katana in New Getter, though that katana is a knock-off, Nagare wields it like the real one.

      • Thing is, Ryoma has enough tennis skills to beat anyone. If you would put Ryoma Nagare against someone else he’d probably win. Request a fight with him, like say Ryoma Nagare vs Tokine or something. Give him some wins and make yourself happy, but Ryoma is not losing this match

      • Also, did I mention that Nagare can destroy the universe with Getter Rays? It doesn’t matter if tennis boy can predict the future or that he can move fast. He’ll still lose. Plus Nagare is faster. Face it, Tennis Ryoma loses

      • No way. Ryoma has the powers of a Perfect Tennis Player. With his super skills he can do anything that Ryoma Nagare can do only better. He’s a “High Above” so he can’t lose any blog fights.

      • 8/10 is not doing it justice. 10000000000000000/10 is an understatement. You’re just sad because your pretty boy aint manly enough to stop Ryoma Nagare. You’re trying to compliment Getter to make it seem like you’ve considered my points in a cheap attempt to make your side of the argument seem more credible.

      • Lol that. 8/10 sounds fine to me. I have listened to your points, but the fact is Ryoma Nagare is tough, but not tough enough. Ryoma is just too powerful and he’s manly enough to beat Ryoma Nagare. After all Ryoma Nagare is tough, but not tough enough.

  16. This isn’t even the strongest of Mr. Nagare

    Ryoma Nagare can destroy universes. It endlessly evolves. Ryoma shook the universe with his voice!!!

    Makes a big bang!
    Getter Emperor BigBang

    Take this!

    • I have come to the conclusion that you’re an idiot. You sir, are the bane of humanity. Someone so unbelievably stupid that it’s almost incomprehensible. I can’t believe there’s someone as dumb as you. This Ryoma Nagare has slayed more onis than you can imagine, he’s expanded a mecha to a galactic scale, and destroyed gods, yet you dare compare him to A cheap TENNIS PLAYER?! You are not a man. die you perfect mode pal, you’ve lost. Now accept defeat. Ryoma Nagare would chop your tennis balls in half before they can even come near him.

      • Think about it for a sec. Would Ryoma Nagare have a chance against Ryoma? No. You know why? Because Ryoma has the powers of a Tennis Player. He can hurl Tennis Balls at Ryoma Nagare with so much speed that there is no way that Ryoma Nagare can stop them. Ryoma Nagare is strong, but when it comes to fighting a “High Above” he has no chance.

  17. Ryoma Echizen has to use Earth’s oxygen to survive. Ryoma Nagare can just cut earth in half. Therefore, Ryoma Echizen will die of suffocation if he’s not already killed by the explosion, the Getter Rays, or the sheer manliness of it all. Face it kid, you’ve lost.

    • Where’d the kid part come from? Anyway Ryoma’s so powerful that he’d stop Ryoma Nagare before he could even cut the earth. Ryoma is just too powerful and he’s even manlier than Ryoma Nagare. Let’s not forget his Tennis Racket.

    • Ryoma Nagare killed gods who keep ressurecting.

      Their words “If you kill us, we’ll just keep coming back.”

      Nagare’s words “Then I’ll just kill you again!”

      Ryoma Nagare is so powerful that he managed to kill them so many times that they just either gave up, or Nagare killed them so hard that it over-rode their reincarnation and made mortals of the immortal. Ryoma Nagare has successfully stopped the unstoppable.

      Ryoma Echizen can’t even touch on the power of Ryoma Nagare.

  18. Ryoma nagare wins hands down. Just because you have speed doesn’t mean you can stop someone who can take down endless waves of demons sorry but someone who plays tennis can’t handle a destroyer of gods and demons.

    • This isn’t just any Tennis Player. This is Ryoma. He’s taken down more bad guys than I dare count. His Tennis Skills are not to be denied. He could have beaten all of those demons with his Perfect Tennis Strike.

    • dreager, just take this poll down. You’ve suffered a loss. I reccommend you just give up. Your Ryoma can’t win against Getter Robo’s Ryoma. You are spouting blasphemy at it’s purest form. Your tennis player has neither the power nor the strength of mind to kill a single wave of onis, let alone an army, and especially the great Ryoma Nagare. You’ve lost. You have no honor, so at least try to gain some manhood by keeping whatever dignity you have left. You’ve lost. Admit it.

      • Why? Ryoma’s gonna pull a comeback and pass Ryoma Nagare. After all he is Ryoma. Ryoma has the strength of mind to defeat all who oppose him. That’s how powerful he is. With his raw power none may stand in his way. He could take on as many onis as he wanted. In fact he could take on the Getter Robos. He could even beat Ryoma Nagare. Pretty cool right? Ryoma is Boss.

  19. How can Echizen dodge something that can blow up earth? How does that logic even make sense? Can his “superb” tennis skills make him breath in space? No. You sir are in denial.

    • He could knock Ryoma Nagare out with a tennis ball so fast he won’t know what hit him. I’m not in denial yet. Ryoma is a “High Above” and so cannot lose a match on the blog. It’s a special privilege I give to the “High Aboves” on the blog.

      • what the hell is a “high above”? That’s not cool. Ryoma Nagare would kill Echizen. Besides, Echizen managed to get knocked out by a damn tennis ball

      • Thing is, Ryoma Nagare lacks the skills to beat Ryoma. A “High Above” is someone I’ve given the right that he can’t lose a match on the blog because I say so

  20. tennis is a sport, not to mension mostly a womens sport. the fact that you even think that a player with “perfect tennis mode” is your only chance of beating and immortal god slayer who would kill your prince of tennis gods more than once just because he wants to, is the most ubsurd and ridiculous idea that anyone could ever say. A narutard would beat your ryoma why? because naruto has more balls than a tennis playing guy who relys on hitting balls to win fights.

    • Thing is, Tennis is a sport that is fun for everyone. That’s why it’s so hardcore. When you play the game it makes you feel happy deep down. Naruto can’t beat Ryoma. Ryoma’s too fast and too powerful. Ryoma Nagare is tough, but he can’t take on Ryoma. Ryoma>>>>>>>Ryoma Nagare. It’s just that simple.

  21. You sir have no honor for liking a cheap character and haow can you compare the pure power of Ryoma Nagare, he would smush you like a microscopic speck dust making you shatter into multiple pieces, and your “Ryoma” has a small tennis racket as of which the true Ryoma has a large katana that will split you into a piece of cake which two fat children will indulge on!

    • Thing is, I’m cool. Ryoma’s cool. And Tennis is cool Put those all together and you have the greatest blog, and the greatest fighter. Ryoma can’t lose because his skills prevent him from losing. He’s just that good. Ryoma Nagare is tough, but not tough enough.

  22. Ryoma Echizen got injured by a tennis ball! What a pansy! Ryoma Nagare can take knives, animal tranquilizer that can kill 3 men, swords, explosions, g-force that is beyond human capabilities, etc. You’ve lost.

    • Of course he wasn’t knocked out by the Tennis Ball. He’s too manly for that. With his skills there isn’t a force on earth that can stop him. Ryoma Nagare is tough, but not tough enough.

  23. I know why you’re so stupid. It’s because you’re a Narutard. You people are literally the stupidest bunch of people on the planet.

    The list goes like this:

    Getter fans
    Super Robot Fans
    Good anime fans
    GAR people
    Smart People
    Average People
    Passable intelligent
    Dumb people
    sentient plants

    • No way Man. Here’s the deal

      Bleach Fans
      DBZ fans
      Black Cat fans
      Naruto Fans
      Prince of Tennis Fans
      Justice League fans
      Manga fans
      Anime Fans
      DBGT fans
      Comic Fans

      -Getter Robo fans

  24. Dear dreager,

    please stop posting retarded and unfair post were only your opinion matters. If you have a poll people are supposed to vote and whoever has most votes wins. It should not be who you like better. besides the stuff u vote for is terrible. prince of tennis really, thats an anime for women, grow a pair. and whats with your ubseen obsession with bass? megaman beat him! so if megaman can beat him im sure alot of others youve posted could beat him. also stop pairing people with others that dont stand a chance like tea REALLY bass sucks so much that u paired him with a usless charecter just to get a win.

  25. D: Why are you such a guy? Stop editing peoples comments because things wont go your way 😦 I think you’re a fail troll

    • How could you! Ryoma Echizen is a super epic character of epic proportions. How could you not like Ryoma? Ryoma Nagare is cool. I don’t dislike him, but he can’t win! Ryoma Echizen is too powerful.

    • I thought you didn’t like Ryoma? Glad you do now! Ryoma is so powerful that none may stand in his way. Why not request a fight with Ryoma Nagare so he could get a win and move up the ranks

  26. I have seen Lelouch. He is like Ryouma(the Getter pilot): good,but insane and vengeful.

    I suggest a battle:

    Ryoma Nagare x Lelouch Lamperouge.

    Who can win?

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