Ryoma Nagare vs Lelouch

Ryoma Nagare tops Lelouch in physical ability. By himself Lelouch isn’t much of a fighter. Of course he’s not by himself. He has a robot with him that has a pretty great beam. Ryoma Nagare also has a robot so this is a giant robot fight. In the end Ryoma Nagare is too strong to lose and Lelouch falls to the 0-1 spot. Ryoma Nagare wins.

26 thoughts on “Ryoma Nagare vs Lelouch

      • You guys are dumb people. Lelouch relies on strategy, not tactics and strength alone.
        Strategy > Tactics and Strength.

        And who would hail Ryoma, he looks like a dumb.

      • Yeah!

        Ryoma’s will > Geass power

        I remember:In New Getter,Ryoma counterattacked the god’s mindpower stabbing himself.

        Lelouch is a emperor, but Ryoma is a one-man resistance!

      • Exactly! I doubt the Geass would have an effect on him. Ryoma nails this match! Not to syay that I don’t like Lelouch. He’s a cool character (Light ripoff, but still cool)

  1. Not related but:

    In New Getter,girls sometimes have a relationship with Ryoma.

    Raikou Minamoto after the revelation of Raikou is a woman.
    And also, Ruby and Ainy, two pretty girls from Phillipines, in episode 10 they’re caught by illegal immigration.
    Michiru can’t count: Benkei x Michiru relationship is very hard.

    And, in your opinion, what girl(Raikou,Ruby or Ainy) make a perfect couple with Ryoma (like husband of wife)?

    Now related:

    Lelouch could be cool,but Ryoma is manly and likes to kick the Yakuza’s butt.

    • Which Ryoma? For Echizen I think part of his coolness is that he’s not with any girl. It keeps up his image as the guy who’s just too cool for the world. As for Ryoma Nagare I also prefer him single. I’m kind of against fiction relationships…..

      Yeah, Ryoma Nagare is more manly and pwns mroe guys. Lelouch is more of a thinker, and with his robot he could put up a fight, but I’d say Ryoma Nagare’s robot is stronger. Not to mention that since Ryoma Nagare punches out Dinosaurs maybe he could punch out robots!

      • You’re right about Ryoma.

        Now a new request battle:

        Kamina Jiiha x Show Zama (in their mechas)

        Who is best: Kamina’s manliness in Gurren-Lagann, or Show’s aura in Dunbine(or Billbine)?

      • Okay, the request fight will be up on the first day of back to battles! Currently there haven’t been much battles for a while because I’m doing the Records Triple post that I do every 1000 posts. That should be up within the next 4 weeks (Probably a lot sooner) Then I’ll do your request 😀

        Though I don’t really know both characters so I’m gonna have to do some research on them.

      • duh! you say this because you didn’t see Ruby and Ainy in the first episode “There goes Ryoma”.

        But Ryoma is manly anyway.

      • Well Ryoma’s definitely tough 😀 Your request will be appearing shortly. I’m still working on Records, but once that’s done the request will be up

  2. A little related but:

    If a new SRW could be released(for PS3 or 3DS),probably Code Geass and New Getter Robo will make a debut together.


    When the main Banpresto original(and the Getter Team,of course) take the Heian Period Route, the onis doesn’t appears on Japan, however,during this time the Britannian Empire appears and domains Japan.

    Because of this,Saotome Labs is now a fortress against the forces of Brittanian Empire.

    After the events of New Getter’s episode 9, Ryoma leaves the project, however, the Tatsuyoshi clan(a Yakuza gang) with the help of Knightmares,destroyed his dojo. The Britannian empire is the responsible to make a contract with the Yakuza to bulldoze Ryoma’s dojo(for special reason the Britannian empire fears the Nagare clan). So Ryoma appears to a fight with the Tatsuyoshi clan.

    But Ryoma doesn’t know a thing: Seimei(one of the villains of New Getter Robo) revived in a new form and now he is going to destroy Japan(now Area 11). Neither the Knightmares and Getter-2(Hayato and Benkei) can defeat Seimei. After Ryoma returns, the Getter Team(and ironically,the Brittanian Empire), finally defeated Seimei definitively.

    The Britannian Empire thanks the Getter Team to defeat Seimei, but, if the Brittanian empire encounters the Getter Team next time, they will became enemies.

    Can this crossover-plot go right?

    Note: Code Geass first debut in a SRW: SRW Z2-1
    New Getter Robo first debut in a SRW: SRW NEO

      • After this events,The Black Knights meets the Getter Team in the main character’s headquarters(similar to Londo Bell and ZEXIS), and Zero(Lelouch) tells to the team his objectives: Defeat the Britannian Empire,to make a world better to his younger sister.

    • In the new SRW,after the Big Bad’s defeat:

      *Spoilers alert*

      * Suzaku becames definitively the new Zero after Lelouch’s death.
      * Japan is finally free
      * Because of his father’s dojo gets destroyed,Ryoma now travels the world to became famous.
      * Hayato continues to study the Getter Rays with Michiru and her father.
      * Benkei returns to his older life as a pervert(not bad,but is funny when he seen Kallen’s bath and after,Benkei gets punched by Kallen).
      * The Banpresto originals returns to their normal lives.


      • Lelouch never dies! In the ending remember he decided to become a farmer? So he wouldn’t die in a crossover. Well as long as there’s a cool filler villain involved with Saiyan type powers.

    • So,after the Big Bad’s defeat…

      * Suzaku becames definitively the new Zero after Lelouch’s demise.
      * Japan is finally free
      * Because of his father’s dojo gets destroyed,Ryoma now travels the world to became famous.
      * Hayato continues to study the Getter Rays with Michiru and her father.
      * Benkei returns to his older life as a pervert(not bad,but is funny when he seen Kallen’s bath and after,Benkei gets punched by Kallen).
      *The main character’s sweetheart(a Banpresto Original), ask him about Lelouch’s destiny. The main character doesn’t know. His rival appears and talks to her about Lelouch: He is not dead, but alive. According to ?????, After Lelouch receives Geass from C.C, he also becames immortal. To C.C, be immortal is a fate worse than death.
      *The Banpresto originals returns to their normal lives.

      Obs: ?????: Because’s a SRW crossover, ????? could be any character form a different anime, like Shinn(Gundam Seed), Rossiu(Gurren Lagann),Galden(Ryu Knight), or Tsubasa(Shin Mazinger).

      Now, you liked this ending?

      • Sure, but let’s take away the Benkei part because it’s unneeded and add in that after the credits Lelouch hatches a plan to save the world from giant robot aliens about to come. So it can have an epic cliff hanger 🙂

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