Godzilla vs Superman

This is a tribute to Godzilla vs King Ghidorah. Big G didn’t look so great. He beat King Ghidorah, but in a sloppy fashion. Superman has fought guys much stronger than King Ghidorah and he did it with speed and finesse. That’s why Superman is known as the man of steel. He cannot be defeated. Superman wins.

Fanfic version below

The Ultimate battle of strength!

47 thoughts on “Godzilla vs Superman

      • Well I do. In a way when the dc/marvel began back then. I’m a lot of fans of the hulk were mad as hell when he lost to superman, that should have been an omen for what was to come in wwe ss 97, so much for the underdog story. People like the underdog story. The little guy over coming the odd against the big guy. Every superman fan thinks he’s high and mighty. Well he’s no messiah. I’ve seen better heroes than him.

      • Superman’s my favorite character in comics, but I could see why Hulk fans would be upset. In the Marvel Universe he was one of their stronger fighters. I’m sure that it was pretty shocking when Superman defeated him (On more than one occasion), but if you consider Superman’s speed, then it’s more acceptable

      • Ever seen godzilla vs megaguirus? Megaguirus was very fast; but Godzilla defeated Megaguirus.

      • Megaguirus was fast, but you can’t even compare her to Superman in terms of speed. Superman is massively faster than light

      • I wouldn’t be surprised they might do the same thing king ghidorah make him faster than light. But godzilla finds a way to beat him.

      • King Ghidorah isn’t faster than light. At least, he’s definitely not that fast during combat. He’s not even supersonic. Godzilla and him are about equal in speed when it comes down to a fight

      • Yep then Godzilla would need to out wit him, to win. Like batman had to out wit superman to win in batman the dark knight returns part 2

      • True, but that was really plot hax in Dark Knight Returns 2. Fun to watch, but definitely not that plausible. As for Godzilla outwitting Superman..remember, Superman is technically a genius

      • He is cunning, but Superman is also pretty cunning as well. He’s outsmarted many opponents through the years and his Fortress of Solitude has many weapons to help him as well

      • Same as the army but they had no luck. Same goes with the aliens that tried to conquer earth in the godzilla movies.

      • But none of those humans or aliens had the immense abilities that Superman has. Superman’s speed is too great for Godzilla to keep up with and one punch is enough to shatter planets

      • I dunno, maybe he can be more cunning than Superman, (Which would be arguable) but even if he were more cunning than Superman, he wouldn’t be able to match his power

      • Well Nuclear man matched his power and almost beat him. If it wasn’t for he had to stay in the light to stay awake. When he was thrown in that nuclear reactor you’d think it would enhance him so he could function without light. Yes I like nuclear man, as well as other people that do like the character regardless that the 4th flim had problems still fun to watch. But superman 3 oh god! That 3rd one was an abomination it ruin it for me. I was either 3 or 4 when I saw it. It left a terrible scar on me for LIFE. Then history repeats it self with spider-man 3. I hate to find a little kid who was badly scared by watching spider-man 3 the same way I felt when I watched superman 3. I was still able to watch 4 because of nuclear man beating the stuffing out of superman. Doomsday is a nuclear man rip off.

      • Yeah, but the Nuclear Man is immensely powerful. I don’t mind him being around Superman level (Though Superman’s still better in his stronger incarnations. The movie version was weaker than his usual ones) but I wouldn’t say that Godzilla could take him on. I actually liked Superman 3 and Spider Man 3 a lot. Superman 3 was pretty funny and a good comedy film. Spider Man 3 was the most exciting of the trilogy for me and I was glad to see Venom appearing. As for Doomsday being a rip-off, I don’t think so. They’re pretty different and their personalities are vast opposites. They’re both pretty cool.

      • Don’t forget Godzilla also had stronger incarnations as well. Nuclear man would still be based off of superman of whatever incarnation. Still Superman 3 and Spider Man 3 are just still terrible in my book. Too many bad thoughts. Doomsday different yes but 1 goal kill superman.

        Sometimes speed and finesse doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes fights are gonna be sloppy, bloody and brutal. Look at The Mad Max films, Die Hard films, lethal weapon films, 48hrs films Death wish films, Robocop, The Terminator, the expendables, RAMBO, Conan the barbarian, Death sentence with kevin bacon, The Punisher, etc. Hence the saying brutal but effective.

      • That’s true, but while Godzilla’s strongest incarnation is a planet destroyer, Superman is a solar system destroyer. Well, Spider Man 3 was definitely mixed. A lot of people are definitely split on the issue. Well, they both want to destroy Superman, but for different reasons. Nuclear Man did it for an unknown reason, Doomsday did it to prove his strength.

        Sometimes fights are like that, but usually in live action films. When you bring guys like Superman into it, they usually don’t end like that. His speed is too great. When you are faster than the opponent, the fights will usually be pretty quick or a blowout. Also Superman’s heat vision could drain Godzilla’s health pretty quickly

      • Don’t forget Godzilla’s heal factor which could be faster than superman’s speed. Allowing Big G himself to get back up and not stopping. Also Godzilla has taken more hits than superman. But he keeps fighting til he wins.

        To Quote Rocky Balboa
        “Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

        That Godzilla’s life. He’s bullied for what he is. But he keeps getting up and move forward.

      • Godzilla’s healing factor is good, but not good enough. The sheer force of the blows still deals him some massive damage. It’s how he can still be defeated by opponents like Space Godzilla. Also, Superman would be landing hundreds of hits in an instant, so Godzilla wouldn’t be able to heal that quickly. Also, I wouldn’t say that he’s taken more hits than Superman. Superman’s got a lot of media appearences where he’s really gone through the ringer

        I’m glad that Godzilla keeps on going. He’s ione of the better Kaiju out there.

      • They never said how fast his heal factor is. So it could be faster. Space Godzilla gave him hell but looked for a weakness in sg and unleashed his power to maximize to win.

        Yes he’s been through a big ringer than superman. The military tries to kill him, Scientist want to study him. He just wants to be left alone.

      • They haven’t said it, but we’ve seen Godzilla lose on many occasions. His healing factor was never able to keep up with the damage. There were many times were he would have died if not for circumstances. Superman’s heat vision and massive speedblitz would quickly drain his power. Plus, he can’t fight well in the air, so Superman can take the fight to space.

        I’d say that Superman’s taken more hits in the past. The military tried to destroy him and the scientists wanted to study him as well. Aside from that, Godzilla’s only had to deal with other Kaiju. Superman’s dealt with metahumans, kaijus, aliens, world destroyers, and expert martial artists. Superman’s battled just about everyone

      • That’s like the government defeating Godzilla at the beginning of Final Wars. It happened so that the plot could advance, but it didn’t really make any sense

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