Tournament Smashers Episode 50 Godzilla vs Superman

The 50th battle is now upon us!

Superman hit the ground hard and crashed through the railroad tracks. He had barely seen the blue energy blast that had knocked him to the ground. Judging from the trajectory, the beam had been shot from a quarter of the planet away. Also…it blew up a volcano! Realizing this, Superman flew out from underground at mach speed and quickly grabbed a lot of bricks from a supply store. He uses his super speed to place them around the broken volcano and then melted them with his heat vision. “That should be the end of that,” Superman declared as he landed on the ground.

“Superman!” a lot of civilians yelled as they ran towards him. “Now guys, what seems to be the problem?” Superman asked as he sat down. He knew that this could be a long story. “GOJIRA!!!” one of them yelled as his knees buckles and he hit the ground. “Gojira’s just a myth son,” Superman said in a very condescending tone as he prepared to fly away. “Does the word…GODZILLA mean anything to you,” another civilian said he backed up. “I’ve gotta go,” Superman said as he flew off into the sky. Those words had troubled him. Legends claimed that Godzilla was a legendary monster to have been buried under ice nearly 60 years ago, if he had returned…Superman knew that he would find answers on TV. He went home and turned on the 6:00 clock news.

Meanwhile, Godzilla was roaring. He had blown up a volcano, but it still wasn’t exciting enough for him. He wanted to celebrate his victory over King Kong, but how would he do it? Suddenly Godzilla knew what he would do! Godzilla headed off to the local Super Smash dojo. He would be sure to find a lot of fighters to defeat over there and it was always fun to beat new people in a fight.

“Great Scott!” Superman yelled as he crushed his TV. Godzilla needed to be stopped and only Superman could pull it off. “Clark, don’t move,” Perry White yelled as Jimmy and Lois ran in. “Shinigami are attacking france!” Jimmy yelled. “Vandels have conquered Europe!” Lois exclaimed. “I need a coffee!” Perry White yelled as he backed up. “Sorry guys, but I don’t have time for all of that,” Superman said as he left and ran into a telephone booth. “This looks like a job for Superman,” he said out loud as he quickly changed.

Superman flew at top speed and made it to Godzilla in seconds. “Fight’s over son,” Superman said as he placed his hand on Godzilla’s shoulder. Godzilla turned around with impressive speed and backhanded Superman through a building. “So much for doing things the easy way!” Superman said as he got up and charged at Godzilla.

Godzilla roared and fired a blast of Atomic Radiation. “My gosh!” Superman thought as the blast knocked him into the ground. He would have dodged, but the radiation would have fried everyone in the area. “No more Mr Nice-Superman was interrupted as Godzilla grabbed him. Godzilla roared and he threw Superman into the sun.

“Not bad, but now let’s see how good your defense is,” Superman said as he flew out of the sun and headed for Godzilla. Godzilla fired off another blast of atomic radiation, but Superman dodged and quickly fired off a super punch. The force of the blow knocked Godzilla off balance and he hit the ground hard. “Had enough?” Superman asked as he slowly walked towards Godzilla.

“Not quite yet I see!” Superman yelled as he got hit by Godzilla’s tail. Superman stopped himself before he could crash through another building. Suddenly another blast of atomic radiation hit Superman. Superman fell to the ground and then Godzilla stomped on him. Superman lifted Godzilla and threw him backwards. Then he grabbed a skyscraper and he used it as a muzzle for Godzilla. “I’ve had just about enough of the radiation blasts,” Superman said as he prepared to take Godzilla into custody.

Godzilla fired off another blast of Atomic Radiation and the skyscraper muzzle melted. “My gosh!” Superman yelled as he got blasted into the air. Godzilla’s atomic radiation turned into a redish color and his spikes grew a little sharper. “Superman, watch out!” a bird yelled as the red blast hit Superman. “Feels like kryptonite,” Superman exclaimed as he hit the ground.

Superman stayed down as he pondered his next move. None of Godzilla’s attacks had actually hurt him yet, but he knew that he should end this before things got ugly. There were too many civilians in the area for him to let Godzilla keep pounding away at him. He had thought that Godzilla would get tired if Superman just let him take a lot of free shots, but that didn’t appear to be the case.

Superman flew into the air and faced Godzilla. “Play time’s over,” Superman said as he clenched his fist. Godzilla fired off another energy blast, but Superman blocked it with one outstretched arm. “It’s time that you went to jail,” Superman said as he appeared behind Godzilla. Before Godzilla could react, Superman knocked him to the ground. Godzilla was knocked out, but Superman quickly wrapped him in Adamantium, Z metal, and the alloy that Superman used for his cape. “This should hold him,” Superman said as he brought Godzilla to the local prison.

“We’ll take it from here Superman,” the guards said as they moved in. “Not quite,” Superman said as he smirked and flew to the air. “I wonder what he meant,” the guard said as he walked over to Godzilla. Superman appeared again with a giant trampoline. He put Godzilla on it and then pressed a button.

Godzilla was launched into outer space. “I’ve perfectly angled the throw so that he lands on Zilla Planet,” Superman grinned as he flew away. Godzilla could finally have happy adventures among his own kind and now Superman could go back home and have a Hot Dog with Ketchup.

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