Medaka Kurokami vs Sora

Suggested by Destroyer Medaka Kurokami is probably the best main character that you haven’t heard of. Medaka Box never got big in America, but she’s a very powerful fighter with several different god modes. Her ability to copy any technique or skill is quite handy to have. Sora gets most of his skills from others so it may be more difficult for Medaka to copy that, but her physical skills are through the roof so even a Keyblade master would not be able to stop her. Sora will need some kind of super form to keep pace with this fighter. Medaka Kurokami wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Sora

Suggested by iKnowledge Looks like it’s time for another battle of blade users. Robin and Sora are both very powerful and also have mastery over various elements. I believe where Sora takes the edge here is his array of super forms such as Final Form and Master Form. This allows him to better incorporate energy into his attacks and so it makes every hit lethal. Robin will be able to hold his own against Sora, but ultimately I see him pressing the advantage. He’s just got the slightest of edges in both speed and power, but that is enough to ultimately allow him to dominate the fight. Sora wins.

Cloud vs Sora

Suggested by Destroyer “It always ends the same way” is probably one of the best quotes in all of Final Fantasy. “Can’t smile about that one” is a close second. The reason these quotes are so awesome is they give Cloud a lot of depth. He is incredibly powerful and he knows it. Sora is also strong with all of his Keyblade forms but he just doesn’t have the speed or raw power to take Cloud on. Once Cloud’s limit is on deck, it’s all over. Cloud wins.

Zeke vs Sora

Suggested by Destroyer Zeke is a strong fighter who excels at close quarters combat. The same is true of Sora although the Keyblade master is proficient from all ranges. He has an array of powered up modes which he can use to fight Zeke. When Sora enters Final Form that will be curtains for Zeke, there just isn’t much that he can do against that. Sora wins.

Sora vs Tarzan

Tarzan is a good fighter in the jungle and he may even have the edge in experience against Sora. Still, Sora has quite a large arsenal of spells and skills to use against this guy. Sora can harness the powers of fire, thunder, gravity, and more. He has the massive speed advantage in this fight as well as the edge in power. I can’t really think of any way for Tarzan to hope to gain the advantage here. Sora wins.

Bass vs Sora

Sora is back. His undefeated streak couldn’t last forever. Bass is just far too powerful to be defeated by any being. None in all of the vast reaches of media can defeat him! Bass is just far too fast and powerful. None can take him down when he’s trying and even when he’s not he wins. Bass wins.

Sora vs Ansem

Ansem and Sora have not met or fought much, but since Sora is the main Hero and Ansem is/was the main villain these two had to fight sooner or later. Ansem has the power of darkness at his command. Of course Sora has Final Form and with it he can slash rings around Ansem. Not to mention that he also has Master Form. It’d be pretty tough to take him down Ansem takes the loss, but he will be back. Sora wins.