Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Robin (Damian)

Suggested by Sonic Damian got some pretty cool super powers a while back so this may not be the complete stomp you thought it would be. That said, he is still completely outmatched by the Fire Emblem version. Try as he might, Damian is just no match for a ranged fighter with this amount of elemental abilities. He can fly out of the way for a while and even land some blows in, but ultimately the tomes are too versatile and will shoot him out of the sky. Robin (Fire Emblem) wins.

Triss Merigold vs Robin (Fire Emblem)

Suggested by iKnowledge Triss Merigold is a pretty solid mage. Her skills have gotten her a lot of notoriety as a legendary sorceress and definitely won’t be backing down to Robin’s skills. As a pure mage I dare say that she may even be superior but Robin has the edge in the fact that she can fight up close as well. Her attacks have a large area of damage and the collateral damage here will get past Triss’ defenses. She just won’t be able to stop Robin. Robin (Fire Emblem) wins.

Wii Fit Trainer vs Robin (Fire Emblem)

Suggested by Sonic The Wii Fit Trainer is a reasonable fighter. She is athletic and agile, but ultimately that won’t mean much against a veteran like Robin. Robin has elemental attacks of her own which allow her to attack from up close and far away. The Trainer can counter with her explosive doubles, but in terms of magical firepower Robin just has her completely outclassed. This won’t really be a close battle. Robin (Fire Emblem) wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Sora

Suggested by iKnowledge Looks like it’s time for another battle of blade users. Robin and Sora are both very powerful and also have mastery over various elements. I believe where Sora takes the edge here is his array of super forms such as Final Form and Master Form. This allows him to better incorporate energy into his attacks and so it makes every hit lethal. Robin will be able to hold his own against Sora, but ultimately I see him pressing the advantage. He’s just got the slightest of edges in both speed and power, but that is enough to ultimately allow him to dominate the fight. Sora wins.

Julia (Rave Master) vs Robin (Fire Emblem)

Suggested by iKnowledge Julia has some super strength and can even turn into a dragon. That makes her a formidable foe, however it will still be difficult for her to deal with Robin’s array of spells and elemental abilities. His Tomes are very versatile and he can even absorb health from Julia with his darkness abilities. Robin is fast enough to dodge Julia’s more punishing attacks and his attacks deal enough damage to be a real threat for Julia. I think she just won’t be able to keep up with him here and will have to take a tough loss. Robin (Fire Emblem) wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Roy

unnamed (1)
Roy takes this round due to his amazingly high levels of speed. Robin has a lot of good projectiles, but the fire won’t bother Roy all that much and he can just dodge the lightning bolts. Robin is doomed once this battle becomes a close combat fight and that’s Roy’s specialty. He’ll use his speed to overwhelm Robin and I’d say that Roy is still the strongest Fire Emblem protagonist. Roy wins.

Ganondorf vs Robin (Fire Emblem)

unnamed (3)
Robin hasn’t fought in a while, but his magical abilities won’t be enough to stop Ganondorf. Ganondorf is no stranger to sorcery either and it’s safe to say that he has a lot more raw power when it comes down to a fist fight. In Hyrule Warriors, we see that he can take out an entire army on his own and he has quite a few super forms at his disposal as well. This could be the end for Robin unless he starts to gather up some wins and fast! Ganondorf wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Kirby

Kirby Robin
This is actually a pretty close match. Kirby has inherited many abilities over the years and he’s most famous for his sword transformations. On the other hand, Robin is a pretty dependable swordsman and he has magic spells to back him up as well. Could he hold up against the might of Kirby? It would be close, but his magic should be able to counter all of Kirby’s projectiles and I believe he would pull ahead in a sword fight. Thus, I think Robin has the slight edge here. Robin (Fire Emblem) wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Charizard

Charizard Robin
Robin (Fire Emblem) is back, but he’s definitely doomed in this round. Charizard is one of the stronger Pokemon in existence and that was before his Mega Evolution. His power has definitely skyrocketed over the years and I don’t believe that Robin’s spells would be of much use to him. He simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with Charizard’s speed or power. Charizard wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Zelda

Zelda Robin
Robin is back once again and this is a close match. I may have been slightly learning towards Robin in overall ability, but Zelda’s appearance in Hyrule Warriors really changes things. Her magical spells have been upgraded and she can take out large groups of opponents at once. Robin’s magic spells no longer seem to be quite as deadly and she can hold her own in close quarters combat. Zelda’s magical skills really seal the deal here. Zelda wins.