Blizzardman vs Vector

Suggested by Sonic Blizzardman is a pretty fun navi and one who can move quite fast on the ice. That said, will his skiing skills really be enough here? Vector definitely has the edge in attack power and I’d also give him the nod in speed. Blizzardman starts to run out of options at that point and Vector can also spit out fire which would be really lethal here. No matter how you slice it, I don’t see how Blizzardman can do a whole lot to start his counter attack. His best bet is run and gun style with his ice balls but they won’t be fast enough. Vector wins.

Kakuzu vs Blizzardman

Suggested by Destroyer Kakuzu has returned and now he is up against everyone’s favorite ice navi. Blizzardman is a tough navi to keep down and his ice abilities are no joke. Still, where he is really out of luck here is in the fact that he is nowhere near as fast as Kakuzu. Kakuzu would be able to dodge his attacks and counter with ease most of the time. Blizzardman’s durability isn’t ready for that. Kakuzu wins.

Blizzardman vs Lazerman

Blizzardman has his skiing abilities that he can use to put the kebosh on Lazerman. Lazerman may be pretty impressive, but in the end he can’t take down Blizzardman……..well fine. Maybe Lazerman can pwn Blizzardman, but at least Blizzardman won’t go down in a single shot. Lazerman wins.

Fridgeman vs Blizzardman

Fridgeman is the weakest ice navi. Maybe it’s because he wears a scarf. No true ice navi needs one, but wait Blizzardman also has one. This is bad. This is very bad. Both of these guys don’t rank. Nevertheless Blizzardman has more skills. Blizzardman wins.

Blizzardman vs Iceman exe

Iceman is an ice navi who may be small but has big dreams. He’s going to have to dream pretty big if he wants to beat Blizzardman. Blizzardman’s pretty tough. He’s so tough that he almost beat Megaman. Iceman couldn’t beat a threat. Blizzardman wins.