Kakuzu vs Blizzardman

Suggested by Destroyer Kakuzu has returned and now he is up against everyone’s favorite ice navi. Blizzardman is a tough navi to keep down and his ice abilities are no joke. Still, where he is really out of luck here is in the fact that he is nowhere near as fast as Kakuzu. Kakuzu would be able to dodge his attacks and counter with ease most of the time. Blizzardman’s durability isn’t ready for that. Kakuzu wins.

Kakuzu vs Electro

Suggested by Destroyer Kakuzu is a very powerful member of the Akatsuki so he definitely won’t be going down very easily. Electric attacks aren’t all that effective against him which will limit how effective Electro is. Electro will still be able to get in his share of hits thanks to his speed and the fact that the guy is hard to take down for the count. Still, it will not be enough to stop Kakuzu and while the fight would drag on, Kakuzu would be landing most of the hits. Kakuzu wins.

Kakuzu vs Groundman

Suggested by Destroyer Groundman’s very strong since his whole gimmick is that he can drill straight through the ground. Unfortunately for him this also works as a flaw in combat since his very design is made so he can’t be very agile. Kakuzu could jump all around the robot and Groundman would never be able to launch a real counter attack. He would simply be outmaneuvered at every turn with no real chance of mounting a comeback. Kakuzu wins.

Kakuzu vs Fire Man

Suggested by Destroyer Fire Man’s flames could do a real number on Kakuzu if they were to actually land. Kakuzu’s stone hard defense is very useful, but Fire Man’s been shown to damage a robot with armor as potent as Mega Man’s. Still, this won’t end particularly well for him because Kakuzu is a lot faster and he also has more experience. There isn’t a whole lot that Fire Man can do to combat this Akatsuki member and that’s why experience can be just as useful as special abilities on the battlefield. Kakuzu wins.

Kakuzu vs Vector

Suggested by Destroyer Vector is a dependable guy who does have a good amount of super strength at his disposal. Alas, strength without speed is ultimately going to be meaningless in this fight because he won’t be able to land a clean hit on Kakuzu. Kakuzu has both speed and strength on his side which makes him a far more formidable fighter than Vector. Vector will quickly realize that he is not in the same league as Kakuzu. Kakuzu wins.

Kakuzu vs Scorpion (MK)

Suggested by Destroyer Scorpion is an excellent hand to hand fighter and I dare say that his skill surpasses that of Kakuzu. If their stats were equal then this would be a straight win for Scorpion, alas they are not. Kakuzu is significantly faster and stronger than Scorpion and he also has a lot of special abilities at the ready which will make this even more of a blowout. Scorpion’s long reach will not be enough to bridge this gap. Kakuzu wins.

Kakuzu vs Black Tom Cassidy

Suggested by Destroyer Black Tom Cassidy has always been more of an underling than a mastermind so he is already below Kakuzu when you’re comparing their tactical awareness levels. Kakuzu is able to control his spirits and fight at the same time so he is able to multi task quite well. Tom’s staff may prove to be some trouble here, but Kakuzu can endure some hits if necessary on his way to victory. Such attacks certainly wouldn’t end him. Kakuzu wins.

Kakuzu vs Cancer Bubble

Suggested by Destroyer Cancer Bubble has never been the most impressive Star Force character. He’s considerably stronger than Bubbleman, but he still isn’t quite ready to take down someone like Kakuzu. Kakuzu has solidified himself as a true threat over the years and he will very quickly overwhelm Cancer Bubble with his speed and power. Bubble won’t be able to find any openings for a clean shot. Kakuzu wins.

Kakuzu vs Elastic Waistband


Suggested by Destroyer The Elastic Waistband has returned, but I don’t really think that there is a lot he can do here. He can try to wrap around Kakuzu, but that’s a bad idea since this Akatsuki member does have super strength. He could potentially rip the Waistband off of him and that would not be an ideal ending for this elastic fighter. He also can’t dodge the elemental attacks for long so this will be a quick match. Kakuzu wins.

Kakuzu vs Pyro

Suggested by Destroyer Kakuzu is a pretty tricky Naruto opponent who is hard to destroy since he has more than one heart. One of his monster clones has fire jutsu so Pyro should be pretty safe against him, but the fire villain will still get overwhelmed in the end. Kakuzu simply has too many options and he is also a deadly hand to hand fighter even if you don’t count his spirits. His super strength will allow him to beat Pyro in a few hits. Kakuzu wins.