Kakuzu vs Groundman

Suggested by Destroyer Groundman’s very strong since his whole gimmick is that he can drill straight through the ground. Unfortunately for him this also works as a flaw in combat since his very design is made so he can’t be very agile. Kakuzu could jump all around the robot and Groundman would never be able to launch a real counter attack. He would simply be outmaneuvered at every turn with no real chance of mounting a comeback. Kakuzu wins.

Fridgeman vs Groundman

Groundman is finally back! He lacks speed, but in the end his firepower is enough to take down Fridgeman. It’s definitely a close fight, but in the end Fridgeman isn’t fast enough to win. Poor Fridgeman drops down the ranks after this match. Groundman has finally moved up with this win. Groundman wins.

Gridman vs Groundman

Gridman is a fast netnavi who plays football. Groundman is a navi who relies on big drills that can’t break boulders. If a Drillnavi can’t break a boulder than how can he beat a football player with a passion. Gridman’s passion for football is so intense he fights using footballs. That is how a real football navi plays. Gridman wins.

Drillmach vs Groundman

Now after fighting Pickman Groundman must fight Drillmach. While Drillmach is stronger than Pickman he is still not at Groundman’s level. At least they are both drill rejects. Groundman is just slightly bigger and has gotten humiliated in America less. Also Drillmach wasn’t in the games so he’s less cannon. Groundman wins.

Pickman vs Groundman

Pickman is back, pick and all. Sadly all the picks in the world couldn’t help him here. Groundman is just too almost strong. While Groundman isn’t actually strong he tries to be strong. Groundman also has super armor which makes him impervious to flinching. Now Pickman can’t even try to scare him with his pick. Groundman wins.

Groundman vs Gutsman

Groundman and Gutsman will finally face off. Groundman and Gutsman are very similar. There strengths are both power, yet none of them have much power. Gutsman has giant form and his skills might be slightly better because even he can break a boulder. At least Groundman won’t be here much longer. Gutsman wins.

Chargeman vs Groundman

Chargeman can handle Groundman on a count that Groundman couldn’t break a boulder. If you can’t break a boulder and you call yourself a drill type navi than your finished. Chargeman is a giant train bent on world domination. Groundman’s drill cannot penetrate his train’s armor. Chargeman wins.

Dustman vs Groundman

Dustman’s final match has come. It’s come against Groundman, one of the two latest ground navis to join the fray. Dustman and Groundman have always appeared very similar to me. They are both no name ground navis’ who I never cared about. I think Groundman has a slight advantage here but it’s close. Groundman wins.

Groundman vs Stoneman

Stoneman’s finally fighting more of a worthy villain. While Groundman’s not so tough he’s a lot better than Pickman and Drillmach. While Groundman couldn’t dig under the ground Stoneman breaks the ground constantly. Groundman has no chance against the better ground navi. Stoneman wins.

Desertman vs Groundman

Groundman is back but this just isn’t his match. Desertman is not quite strong as Pharohman but he’s strong enough to finish Groundman off. One good thing for Groundman is that once all of the strong people have passed he can beat the weak people. Hopefully it happens soon. Desertman wins.