Slashman vs Fridgeman

Suggested by Sonic Fridgeman is not one of the more talented fighters out there. He tends to panic quite a bit and I doubt this match would go any differently. Slashnman certainly has a very fierce design so that wouldn’t help the ice navi’s confidence. He would be intimidated almost instantly and that would be it for his chances of victory. You simply can’t win when you’re scared out of your mind and Slashman would completely overwhelm him with speed. Slashman wins.

Fridgeman vs Lazerman

Fridgeman may have some pretty good ice puns, but in the end he can’t take down Lazerman. Lazerman has fought stronger opponents in the past. Fridgeman may be quick, but Lazerman’s faster and with one good punch he could take down Fridgeman. Fridgeman drops down the ranks with this loss. Lazerman wins.

Fridgeman vs Groundman

Groundman is finally back! He lacks speed, but in the end his firepower is enough to take down Fridgeman. It’s definitely a close fight, but in the end Fridgeman isn’t fast enough to win. Poor Fridgeman drops down the ranks after this match. Groundman has finally moved up with this win. Groundman wins.

Fridgeman vs Iceman exe

This is a battle between the weakest ice navi’s. Iceman exe who couldn’t beat numberman vs Fridgeman who couldn’t beat a man from sharo without help. I guess when it all comes down to it Fridgeman might be slightly stronger since he has dark chips. Fridgeman wins.

Fridgeman vs Blizzardman

Fridgeman is the weakest ice navi. Maybe it’s because he wears a scarf. No true ice navi needs one, but wait Blizzardman also has one. This is bad. This is very bad. Both of these guys don’t rank. Nevertheless Blizzardman has more skills. Blizzardman wins.