Shark (Yugioh) vs Freezeman

Suggested by Sonic Freezeman definitely had a pretty cool debut appearance when he showed up in the Megaman series. He had a number of impressive wins as well so you can’t underestimate him but he would not be able to stand up against Shark’s many monsters. Shark has a huge arsenal of cards up his sleeve and stopping him would be quite the challenge for Freezeman without any backup. Shark (Yugioh) wins.

Koopa vs Freezeman

Koopa Troopa has some intense shell throwing skills at his disposal, but they won’t be enough to take down Freezeman. Freezeman has taken a nice win in this round and he shows the world that Koopa Troopas don’t scare him! Ice powers are epic after all! Freezeman wins.

Freezeman vs Protoman

Freezeman is a tough guy and has fought with the best of them, but in the end he’s no match for Protoman! Protoman easily outranks Freezeman in both speed and power. In fact, he surpassed Freezeman a long time ago. If they were to fight right now, Freezeman probably wouldn’t last a minute. Protoman wins.