Elec Man vs Gutsman

Suggested by Blake Elec Man is a fun Mega Man character and I personally like the guy. That being said, it could be a little difficult for him to take Gutsman down. Being a net navi has its advantages, one of which is the array of battlechips. Elec Man will just have a tough time here and just needs a little more oomph to win this fight. It’s a really close bout though. Gutsman wins.

Bass vs Gutsman

Suggested by Blake Gutsman was never one of the stronger netnavies in Megaman NT Warrior. He couldn’t even deal with Megaman, let alone Bass. Bass would be absolutely running circles around the guy and a single hit would end the fight as well. When you consider all of these factors, it becomes clear that Gutsman doesn’t really stand a chance here. He is completely outmatched. There’s no shame in losing to someone like Bass though. Even the strongest of fighters have ultimately fallen before him. Bass wins.

Elecman vs Gutsman

Suggested by Blake Gutsman has never been the strongest a villain on the block if we’re being honest. He has some mild power but Megaman is physically stronger in addition to being faster which kind of defeats the point. Elecman is far more versatile with his attacks and his speed will allow him to dodge anything that Gutsman throws at him. Gutsman never really got a great power up to help him out either so he has really been left in the dust. The poor guy is just out of his league! At least the outcome wasn’t very shocking. Elecman wins.

Megaman SF vs Gutsman

Megaman SF has speed and power that would make the toughest of fighters mad with jealousy. While he is not quite as powerful as Megaman EXE, he outranks the other versions and that is no small feat considering how powerful Mega Man is. Gutsman would not be able to keep up with Megaman SF at all and he would be soundly defeated. His Guts Hammer would shatter in this fight. Megaman SF wins.

Megaman vs Gutsman

You could argue that Megaman and Gutsman have been rivals from day 1. Gutsman has always tried to be the better fighter, but he just didn’t have the skills. Megaman’s a lot stronger than Gutsman, but that’s not the half of it. He’s also faster, more durable, and is pretty much better in every way. Gutsman will always be Megaman’s self proclaimed rival, but he just can’t win. Megaman wins.

Gutsman vs Pickman

This is Pickman and Gutsman’s final fight and quite possibly the final Ground fight. So this has to be a great finale. Pickman may be very weak and his picks can’t do anything. Of course Gutsman has never achieved Crossfusion. Gutsman has Super Guts form where he turns giant. Gutsman wins.

Gutsman vs Gridman

Gridman is a fast foo….wait a second I’ve said that before. Gridman appeared in a movie while Gutsman didn’t, or if he did it was such a minor role I didn’t notice. Gutsman wasn’t even the runner up in the N1 Grand Prix. Gridman can also make clones that do heavy duty damage. Gridman wins.

Drillmach vs Gutsman

Drillmach’s final fight has come. He will no longer have to keep losing to people as weak as Gutsman. Anyone who loses to Gutsman won’t forget about it for a while. Gutsman doesn’t get too many wins, but he did get more than Drillmach. So this arc was more fun for him. Gutsman’s petty strength beats Drillmach’s drills. Gutsman wins.

Groundman vs Gutsman

Groundman and Gutsman will finally face off. Groundman and Gutsman are very similar. There strengths are both power, yet none of them have much power. Gutsman has giant form and his skills might be slightly better because even he can break a boulder. At least Groundman won’t be here much longer. Gutsman wins.