Shadowman vs Plasticman

Suggested by Sonic Shadowman is a pretty skilled navi. He was able to easily overpower Megaman and would have won if not for Searchman. While Plasticman is perfect for evading attacks and landing good counter blows in, his lack of speed will hurt him quite a lot. Shadowman’s all about precise hits so Plasticman won’t be able to dodge for long and his durability isn’t great against stabbing moves. Ultimately this will be a rather one sided battle in favor of the ninja. Shadowman wins.

Shadowman vs Gyroman

Shadowman is a lot faster than Gyroman. He’s also a lot more skilled and really knows how to fight. Gyroman can fly, but it won’t save him in this round. Shadowman is just far too powerful and rises up the ranks with this win. Gydroman drops down the ranks, but maybe he’ll be back. Shadowman wins.

Protoman vs Shadowman

Shadowman is a tough navi and proved it when his speed surpassed Protoman’s! Of course that was back in Protoman’s early days, if they were to fight right now I doubt Shadowman would have a chance. He’s not quite as powerful as Protoman. Protoman’s also become faster and has more experience. Protoman wins.

Deadpool vs Shadowman

Deadpool is a super tough assassin. He has healing powers and teleportation. (because of a gadget) His gun skills are unrivaled. No one can take him. Shadowman also has 2 weapons but he’s not even close to his level. Deadpool wins.

Update! I don’t think that Deadpool’s skills will be enough to keep up with Shadowman’s speed anymore. Not to mention that Shadowman also has some pretty deadly attack power. Shadowman wins.

Dark Megaman vs Shadowman

Dark Megaman has many powers at his disposal. He has all of Megaman’s attacks. Plus he has Lazerman form and Bass form. With Bass form this match is over before it even begins. Shadowman couldn’t last one attack from it. Dark Megaman also has lots of program advances. Dark Megaman wins.

Lazerman vs Shadowman

Lazerman is a reacurring character in The Darkness series on youtube. In that one he suffered humiliating defeats at the hands of Mario……. He also lost to a sword. Aside from those a guy with 2 hands beat him. Lazerman had a couple of good moments though……He caused Link to have a heart attack just by looking at him. Shadowman can only hide in shadows. Lazerman wins.