Darkman vs Darkside (KH)

Suggested by Sonic Darkman is a fairly obscure navi. He’s certainly never gotten into the big leagues despite having a hype design and fairly impressive abilities. He’s not someone who will go down very easily and Darkside doesn’t have enough ability to defeat him. Darkside has a good amount of power but he’s just too slow. Darkman would quickly take him down with a barrage of lasers and then that will be the end. There just isn’t a way to come back from that. Darkman wins.

Dark Megaman vs Darkman

Dark Megaman’s been running free for too long. It’s time for someone to put an end to this. And Darkman is just the person to do it. Darkman is so powerful he defeated hundreds upon hundreds of undernet navi’s. To him Dark Megaman is just another undernet navi. Dark Megaman had a good run but this is it. Darkman wins. This is the final dark navi fight.

But Dark Megaman’s powers are not too much for Darkman. Dark Megaman wins.

Darkman vs Shademan

Now these are 2 real Dark Navi’s. The cream of the crop. They are both expected to do great things, but of course one of them has to lose here. Shademan is the King of the Darkloids while Darkman is the strongest Dark Navi ever (Bass not counted for he is unbeatable anyway) Darkman wins.