Dark Megaman vs Copy X

Suggested by Sonic Copy X is one of the cooler Zero villains. There’s just a lot of great lore behind him but unfortunately the series has yet to get an anime adaption. Dark Megaman is no slouch in that area either though and the manga really nailed what makes him an interesting character. His ability to consume abilities will be too much for Copy X and his speed is absolutely devastating. Dark Megaman wins.

Dark Megaman vs Hollow

Dark Megaman has a very high amount of speed and technique at his disposal and his high speed regeneration abilities are enough to overwhelm Hollow. Hollow can move quickly as well and he’s a powerful opponent, but he won’t be a match for Dark Megaman. Dark Megaman rises up the blog ranks with this win. Dark Megaman wins.

Dark Megaman vs Bass

Bass is the strongest being in all of media! Dark Megaman may be powerful, but he could never defeat Bass. He wasn’t even able to absorb Bass, until Bass let him. Dark Megaman’s speed and power just aren’t a match for Bass’s and he loses this round. Dark Megaman may be extremely powerful, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. Bass wins.

Dark Megaman vs Searchman

Dark Megaman has proven that he’s out of Searchman’s league many times in the past. He can heal himself faster than Searchman could possibly injure him! Searchman is a strong navi, but in the end he just wasn’t up too Dark Megaman’s level. Dark Megaman is also a lot faster than Searchman. Dark Megaman wins.

Dark Megaman vs Spoutman

Dark Megaman is back and this time he’s up against Spoutman. Spoutman nearly flooded part of the Cyberworld back in his day! Of course it won’t be enough to stop Dark Megaman in this round. Dark Megaman could destroy the whole planet if he wanted too! His power is not too be underestimated. Dark Megaman wins.

Dark Megaman vs Bubbleman

Dark Megaman is back after a long time and he’s up against Bubbleman! Bubbleman isn’t much of a fighter, so fighting someone like Dark Megaman is beyond him. Dark Megaman once obtained the powers of Bass and with them showed that he was one of the strongest beings in media! Bubbleman drops down the ranks with this loss. Dark Megaman wins.

Dark Megaman vs Megaman

Dark Megaman is an extremely powerful opponent, but from all of his wins you probably guessed that. Dark Megaman is strong enough to blow up the planet! Of course Megaman also has that kind of power. In base form Dark Megaman is extremely powerful and was able to take down Megaman pretty easily.

If Megaman had been using Hubstyle things may have been a little different. Hubstyle may not usually be the best course of action against a dark navi, but with it’s incredible power I think it would have helped. Megaman also has Beast Out form and Bass soul to help him take the win.

Dark Megaman may have his own Bass form, but it’s not quite as good as Bass soul. Plus after the time skip Megaman became extremely powerful even in base form. I don’t think Dark Megaman can win this match and drops down the ranks with this loss. Megaman wins.

Dark Megaman vs Darkman

Dark Megaman’s been running free for too long. It’s time for someone to put an end to this. And Darkman is just the person to do it. Darkman is so powerful he defeated hundreds upon hundreds of undernet navi’s. To him Dark Megaman is just another undernet navi. Dark Megaman had a good run but this is it. Darkman wins. This is the final dark navi fight.

But Dark Megaman’s powers are not too much for Darkman. Dark Megaman wins.