Dark Megaman vs Megaman

Dark Megaman is an extremely powerful opponent, but from all of his wins you probably guessed that. Dark Megaman is strong enough to blow up the planet! Of course Megaman also has that kind of power. In base form Dark Megaman is extremely powerful and was able to take down Megaman pretty easily.

If Megaman had been using Hubstyle things may have been a little different. Hubstyle may not usually be the best course of action against a dark navi, but with it’s incredible power I think it would have helped. Megaman also has Beast Out form and Bass soul to help him take the win.

Dark Megaman may have his own Bass form, but it’s not quite as good as Bass soul. Plus after the time skip Megaman became extremely powerful even in base form. I don’t think Dark Megaman can win this match and drops down the ranks with this loss. Megaman wins.

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