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Shademan vs Voldemort

Suggested by Megapot Network Voldemort is a tough sorcerer who is fairly high tier from the Harry Potter characters. However, that isn’t quite good enough to deal with someone like Shademan. Shademan is a powerful Darkloid who has enough power to one shot S rank fighters. I doubt Voldemort’s spells would even hurt this guy. His durability has been proven many times before. Shademan wins.

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Dark Phantom vs Shademan

Dark Phantom makes his blog debut! He’s a pretty tough guy when he wants to be and I’d say that he has the speed advantage. Of course Shademan’s defense is a lot higher. This match is a pretty tough one, but in the end I’d have to say that Dark Phantom has this round. Dark Phantom wins.

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Shademan vs Megaman

Shademan is back to fight one of the strongest beings around! Megaman has taken on plenty of foes in the past and Shademan will lose like the rest of them! Megaman was able to take him down in one blow when they fought in the manga. This match would probably go down in pretty much the same way. Megaman wins.

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Strauss vs Shademan

Shademan is back against Strauss. These two are both pretty experienced fighters, but Shademan lacks speed. In this match that’s his downfall. Strauss has abilities that are hard to surpass. With one slash of his sword many go down. His skills are intense and is why Strauss has yet to lose a match. He’s going far. Strauss wins.

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Shademan vs Larkman

Shademan is a netnavi of immense power. He was able to take down Megaman and Protoman in one shot! Larkman may have fought Protoman a bit, but in the end he just wasn’t nearly skilled enough to take him down. So he’s no Shademan. Shademan is on a higher level than Larkman, but we always suspected this. Shademan wins.

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Dark Megaman vs Shademan

Finally the climatic fight. The Ultimate Megaman clone vs The ultimate darkloid. Both are incredibly strong and you can bet there will be broken buildings. Shademan’s noise crush would do some damage but in Bass form he wouldn’t feel a thing. After that he could wipe out Shademan with a program advance fused with the dark chips. Dark Megaman wins.

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Shademan vs Lazerman

The anime messed this one up a bit. Shademan’s noise crush could easily beat Lazerman. Lazerman’s got good beams but they only work if they hit. Shademan’s cape can also reflect some damage. Plus Shademan is more durable since he took on a double program advance while Lazerman lost to a charge shot. Shademan wins.

I think Lazerman may have this thanks to his speed and beam power. Lazerman wins.

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Darkman vs Shademan

Now these are 2 real Dark Navi’s. The cream of the crop. They are both expected to do great things, but of course one of them has to lose here. Shademan is the King of the Darkloids while Darkman is the strongest Dark Navi ever (Bass not counted for he is unbeatable anyway) Darkman wins.