Meetra Surik vs Shademan

Meetra is a pretty skilled Force fighter. She has good sword skills and Force abilities to back her up here but they won’t be enough to stop Shademan. Shademan has proven himself as a skilled fighter on many occasions. He would be fast enough to stop Meetra’s attacks and his technique: Noise Crush will also prevent her from getting close. It’s a very solid attack that has great range and is hard to get around. Mix that in with his general durability and Meetra is in trouble. Shademan wins.

Meetra Surik vs Kylo Ren

Suggested by iKnowledge Kylo Ren is a pretty tough Sith fighter and he certainly gets a lot of hype. That said, while he did have some pretty good moves in the films, he was also in a stalemate with people who had only been fighting for a matter of days with a Lightsaber. In the meanwhile Meetra was able to defeat two Sith Lords by herself along with an entire temple filled with other Sith warriors. She was able to give herself over to the Force completely and unlocked abilities that few have matched. I don’t believe Kylo would be ready to face such a veteran warrior. Meetra Surik wins.